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British TV series

  Aubrey - as featured at the start of his title sequence...

    Aubrey             (1983)

producers: D.P. Films
    animation: cel animation

      episodes: 39 x 5mins


    Aubrey is a round orange humanoid character with a bulbous nose. He is
    also an aspiring inventor. Aubrey creates devices, contraptions and inventions
    in his garden shed, which he uses to solve his everyday problems. Sadly, his
    ideas are somewhat mightier than his skills and his poorly constructed designs
    regularly let him down. But Aubrey is a tenacious chap, which means he
    often finds an even better use for his broken endeavours, come the end of
    each episode. Amongst other things, Aubrey builds a boat, he plays with a
    fire engine, puts his apple tree to good use and accidentally discovers soap.
    There's no narration, instead each calamity plays out to the accompaniment
    of a blomping synthesised music track...

    Here's Aubrey again, in his title sequence...   And now Aubrey's car has completely disintergrated around him...

    Now, if you're thinking there's a Roobarb vibe here, you'd be right. Series creator
    Derek Phillips was concurrently working for Bob Godfrey's Movie Emporium.
    Indeed, he was the cameraman on Henry's Cat.

    Aubrey, Roobarb, and Henry actually share many character traits. Each is
    bursting with ideas and concepts, and each of them finds that their enthusiasm
    isn't always shared by the watching wildlife. In addition, all three ultimately
    fail because of a specific shortcoming. Aubrey is let down by poor
    draughtsmanship, whilst Roobarb is over-eager, and Henry is just too
    darned lazy to fulfill his potential!

» Trivia Hounds will see that the Bob Godfrey connections continue with Stan
        Hayward, who was one of Aubrey's story advisors. Stan also wrote the "Henry's
        Cat" series. He and Aubrey's second story advisor Ted Rockley had worked
        with Derek previously on the 1978 short film called "When I'm Rich"...

» Derek Phillips' later series include "Crazy Crow" from 1991, and "Little
        Brrrm" which was produced in 1994 (and shouldn't be confused with
        Ragdoll's remote-controlled car Brum...)

 » By the way, the keen-eyed viewer will soon note that Aubrey is not alone.
        There are other paler-skinned Aubrey-types co-existing with normal humans
        and animals in this series. But as to the whys and wherefores of this, well,
        that's never explained... 

  spacer number two

    Aubrey finds a final good use for his car tyre!  

     Aubrey episodes

    (partial list)

    Aubrey's Garden
    Aubrey's Boat
    Aubrey Framed
    Aubrey's Apple Tree
    Aubrey Discovers Soap
    Aubrey's Fire Engine
    Aubrey and the Beanstalk

  spacer number two

     Aubrey on DVD

     Sadly, Aubrey's one DVD appearance has been deleted, but here's
     the link anyway, just in case a Third Party Seller has it on offer:

     UK DVD Aubrey
                Region 2 / six episodes /
Contender / July 2004


    made by Derek Phillips
    copyright D.P. Films

    story advisors:   Stan Heyward,Ted Rockley
    painting:            Nancy Waller


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      top-quality screen grabs...

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© D. P. Films (Derek Phillips)  / F2010