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British TV series

         Here comes BOD!

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BOD        (1975)
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   producers: Nippers / Bodfilms / BBC TV
  animation: cut-out and mixed-media

    episodes: 13 x 15mins

    "Here comes BOD..."

     BOD, Aunt Flo, PC Copper, Frank The Postman and Farmer Barleymow
     dwelt  in a simple world of single-colour backgrounds and cut-outs.
     starred in a show specifically tailored for preschool children, featuring
     stories, music and games, and the 13 episodes were shown repeatedly
     through the 1970's as part of the BBC's "Watch With Mother" schedule.
     Each original episode included a short BOD story, a story about Alberto
     Frog and His Amazing Animal Band, a song, and a game of BOD Snap.
     It was a simple affair, but the delivery was both masterful and memorable.

     BOD is now fondly recalled for its simple, repetitive animation, it's
     hypnotic flute-infeced theme tune, John Le Mesurier's droll, dry narration,
     the juxtaposed "sections" of each episode and of course that final game
     of Snap.

     Here was an "interactive" tv show presented years before the concept was
     in vogue. The series and characters were created by prolific tv producer
     Michael Cole and his wife
Joanne and BOD originally appeared in picture
     book form, back in the 60s. Michael was working on "Playschool" at the
     BBC at the time, and the BOD books were featured on the show. The
     animated series was eventually filmed in 1975.

       BOD On The Beach

     Sadly Joanne Cole died in 1985. And Michael passed on in August 2001.
     As a couple this multi-talented duo also brought us "Fingerbobs",
     "Fingermouse" and "Gran". Michael's other TV credits included "Ragtime",
     "Heads and Tails", "Stop and Go", "Pigeon Street" and "Edward and
     Friends". He also worked on the very first series of "Postman Pat".

     The BOD estate is now in the very capable hands of Lo, Alison, Sam and
     Kate Cole. Lo and Alison have so far completed two BOD books, "BOD's
     Way: The Meaning of Life" and "BOD's New Leaf". The siblings talked 
     about the first title, and BOD's past, present and future plans in our
     Toonhound Q&A in which they finally revealed the origins of the character.
     And those interested in discussing BOD's continuance should
     get in touch with Lo and Alison, in the first instance....


     BOD and company!

     Some BOD bites

» BOD's Alberto Frog section featured narration from Maggie Henderson who
        had previously co-presented Michae Cole's award-winning "Ragtime" series.

» BOD's fluted music came from the ever-inventive Derek Griffiths. He had
        worked with Michael on Playschool and indeed, went on to front that inspired
        menagerie of animals and songs, "Heads and Tails".
» BOD's director and animator David Yates also brought us those splendid
        Northern furballs, The Flumps. He worked with Michael again on "Pigeon
        Street". Alan Rogers was on David's small animation team on BOD and
        "The Flumps". He went on to form an animation partnership with Peter Lang,
        called The Cut-Out Animation Co. And, what do you know, their first job
        was to provide the animation for Yates' and Cole's "Pigeon Street" series!
» Actually, although this is a BOD page, can we sing Cut-Out's praises for a
       wee while? - Their animation style is instantly recognizable, with its bright ink
       colours and puffed-up character designs. Movement is brilliantly exaggerated,
       a mixture of shuffling and rolling. The company's credits include the BAFTA
       winning "Rat-A-Tat-Tat", "Rub-A-Dub-Dub", "Words and Pictures", "Storytime",
       "Watch", "You and Me", "Number Crew", "Rosie and Jim", and "Little Giants"...


     Current promos/tie-ins

"BOD & Whistle"

     To celebrate BOD's 50th birthday, Lo Cole has put together a series of
     twelve A4 limited-edition prints for Imaginary Press. Each is hand-numbered
     and embossed with a Michael Cole Estate seal, and they come with a
     Certificate of Authenticity. They're limited to just 175 editions...

    • BOD's Appples             
 BOD and the Cherrry Tree
 What Goes Up...           BOD's Picnic
 ...Might Come Down      BOD and The Grasshopper
 BOD's Dream                BOD & Whistle
 BOD & Birds                 Pink Elephant
 Aunt Flo & her Aga        Barleymow & his Tractor


     In the news

     ODD BOD
     BOD at fifty, and the new BOD prints...

     Here Come The Coles Q&A
     The Hound talks to Lo and Alison Cole...

     The Hound: October 2003
     A new BOD book...


     BOD episodes

    BOD's Dream               BOD and the Cake
    BOD in the Park           BOD and the Kite
    BOD and the Rain         BOD and the Birds
    BOD and Breakfast       BOD and the Grasshopper
    BOD and the Apple       BOD's Present
    BOD on the Beach        BOD and the Cherry Tree
    BOD and the Dog 


     BOD on DVD

     UK DVD The Complete BOD
                Region 2 / all 13 episodes / Contender / July 2004


     film by David Yates
     written and produced by Michael Cole

    animation:   Alan Rogers, Denise Sherwell
    music:         Derek Griffiths
    narration:    John Le Mesurier (Bod)
                      Maggie Henderson (Alberto Frog)


      On the web

       Here Comes Bod
       Here comes BOD's official site, courtesy of Lo and Alison Cole,
       and it's shaping up very nicely...

       Imaginary Press
       BOD prints for you...

The Cut-Out Animation Co.

       Alan Rogers and Peter Lang's official site detailing their extraodinary
       CV, history, techniques and contact details...

       Lo Cole
       A talent in his own right...

       Little Gems
       BOD's at Little Gems too...

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