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British TV series
Wilfred Toadflax

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Brambly Hedge   (1996 - 2000)
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producers: Cosgrove Hall & HOT Animation
                     for HIT Entertainment
                     in association with the BBC
   animation: stop-motion animation
                     8 x 25mins / 4 x 15mins


   Adapted from the best selling books from Jill Barklem, the Brambly Hedge films
   were exquisitely animated for HIT and the BBC, initially by Cosgrove Hall, and
   latterly by HOT animation. The mousey families of the hedge share
   seasonal adventures, mishaps and marriages in eight exquisite half-hour films.
   Young Wilfred Toadflax and Primrose Woodmouse lead us through the travails,
   together with a regular cast which includes Basil, Lady Daisy, Mrs Eyebright
   and Poppy, Mr and Mrs Toadflax, and Mr and Mrs Apple. The magnificent mouse
   puppets move around decoupage cut-out scenery fashioned after the original
   illustrations. It gives the films a unique and very attractive storybook appearance.
   The little movements, the twitching whiskers, the embroidered clothes, the
   classical furnishings, the seasonal lighting - cold blue light for winter, golden
   for autumn - the craftsmanship here is extraordinary, surpassing even the
   world of The Wind in the Willows and racking up the naturalistic bar once
   more for others to attain or surpass if they can.

   The sumptuous visuals are accompanied by an equally sumptuous soundtrack.
   Celebrity actors adding their voices to proceedings include Neil Morrisey, Jim
   Broadbent, the late Charlotte Coleman, June Whitfield,  and Anton Rodgers.
   And narrating proceedings is Robert Lindsay.
   Of course, the "Brambly Hedge" films aren't really a series at all. They are
   instead a cosy collection of film specials created over a five year period and
   initially broadcast by the BBC during the holiday schedules. The first film,
   "Winter Story", was broadcast on BBC1 on Christmas Day 1996, and
   "Poppy's Babies" brought the tales to a close in 2000. In time, each film
    will receive its own index page in the mini movietoons section...


   The Brambly Hedge Films

    Highlighted links lead to a more comprehensive review and
    credits for each film:

   Cosgrove Hall               HOT Animation
   Winter Story (1996)       The Secret Staircase (1998)
   Spring Story (1997)       The High Hills (1999)
   Summer Story (1997)      Sea Story (1999)
   Autumn Story (1997)       Poppy's Babies (2000)

   15min Specials

    These additonal shorts were compiled for the films'
    home video and DVD appearances:

   The World of Brambly Hedge
   The Mice of Brambly Hedge
   The Celebrations of Brambly Hedge
   The A-Z of Brambly Hedge

     Further reading

    Brambly Hedge books at


     Brambly Hedge on DVD

     The "Brambly Hedge" films haven't had a co-ordinated UK release,
     as yet. But six stories have been made available, in various formats:

     UK DVD Brambly Hedge: Spring Story
Region 2 / HIT Entertainment / April 2007

Brambly Hedge: The Classic Collection
                Region 2 / "The Secret Staircase", "The High Hills", "Sea Story"
                and "Poppy's Babies"
/ HIT Entertainment / January 2004

Christmas Children's Favourites
                This compilation DVD includes "Winter Story"
                Region 2 / HIT Entertainment / December 2005


     Cosgrove Hall Films / HOT Animation
      for HIT Entertainment PLC
      in association with the BBC

     based on the books by Jill Barklem

     key credits:

     exec producers:   Theresa Plummer-Andrews (for the BBC)
                                Mark Hall (for Cosgrove Hall)
                                Kate Fawkes, Peter Orton (for HIT)
     director:               Brain Little
      & sup dir:
             Jackie Cockle
     screenplays:        Jocelyn Stevenson

     music:                 Ernie Wood

     Robert Lindsay (narrator)
     Neil Morrisey (Wilfred Toadflax / Dusty Dogwood)
     Charlotte Coleman (Primrose Woodmouse / Poppy Eyebright)
     Jim Broadbent (Basil / Old Vole)
     Rosemary Leach (Lady Daisy Woodmouse / Old Mrs Eyebright)
     Anton Rodgers (Lord Woodmouse)
     June Whitfield (Mrs Apple)
     Michael Williams (Mr Apple)
     Alun Lewis (Mr Toadflax)
     Noreen Kershaw (Mrs Toadflax / Mrs Crustybread)
     Kate Harbour (additional voices)
     David Holt (additional voices)


    On the web

      The World of Brambly Hedge 
      The official site including some handy details on the
      development of the films...

 Mackinnon & Saunders
      They made the mousey models and props...

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