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A Bit More Bert


     author:  Allan Ahlberg
illustrator:  Raymond Briggs
publisher:  Penguin Books
                  32 colour pages


'Bert loves his mother.
He does whatever she tells him.
But - ssh! - this is a secret.
He never eats his cabbage.'

What can one say? - Here are six more brilliantly small adventures
starring Bert, and several other 'Berts' too.

Chapter 1: Bert's Dog
Chapter 2: Bert's Haircut
Chapter 3: Bert's Mother
Chapter 4: Bert's Crisps
Chapter 5: Bert's Dog Again
Chapter 6: Bert's Bedtime

The titles tell you all you need to know, really. Bert plays with and loses
his dog. He has a haircut, dines with his mother, shares his crisps with one
and all, finds his dog again and meets lots more 'berts' before going to bed...

As before, Ahlberg and Briggs encourage us to join in with Bert's Big
Adventures. They even offer us a crisp to snack upon!

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  all copyright belongs to Raymond Briggs and his publishers