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Alphabet Gallery


contributors: Raymond Briggs and others...
    publisher: Mammoth / Egmont Children's Books


  'An ABC of contemporary illustrators...' 

This was a charity project commissioned by the Dyslexia Institute and
   originally undertaken in 1997, to coincide with the Institute's 25th anniversary.
   Initially seven artists were invited to depict seven letters of the alphabet in
   their own unique and individualistic way. Then it snowballed into a charity
   book project with twenty six artists contributing...

   Most contributors illustrated the letter approprite to their surname, thus
   Raymond Briggs depicted the letter 'B'

   Here's the full list of contributors:

   A - Anita Jeram                   N - Nicola Bayley
   B - Raymond Briggs              O - Helen Oxenbury
   C - Emma Chichester Clark     P - Patrick Benson
   D - Kady Denton                  Q - Quentin Blake
   E - Andy Ellis                       R - Tony Ross
   F - Michael Foreman             S - Nick Sharratt
   G - Debi Gliori                      T - Carol Thompson
   H - Colin & Jaqui Hawkins       U - Martin Ursell
   I - Ian Penney                     V - Charlotte Voake
   J - Jill Murphy                      W - Bee Willey
   K - Korky Paul                      X - Miss 'X' (Henrietta Webb)
   L - PJ Lynch                        Y - Selina Young
   M - James Mayhew
              Z - Zita Newcombe     

    More: Dyslexia Institute


  all copyright belongs to Raymond Briggs and his publishers