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 All In A Day


  devised by: Mitsumasa Anno
contributors: Raymond Briggs and others...
    publisher: Hamish Hamilton
                     20 colour pages


'A book for and about the world's family of children...'

This is a clever book, depicting the passage of time around the world as we
progress through 24hrs. Sailor Oliver Smith (S.O.S.) is stranded on the International
Date Line and thinking about his friends around the globe. When he's getting up,
what are they doing? When he's having his lunch, what are they up to?

Each double-page is comprised of eight panels - one for each of the eight named
children and their families. At 9.00am in Chicago Tom is sledging, whilst in Kenya
it's 6.00pm and Jomo's family are having dinner, etc, etc...

Raymond Briggs illustrates eight panels starring James in England as he progressess
through his day. What's particularly interesting here is that 'James' is quite
probably the self-same James from 'The Snowman'!


In two of the early panels we see James in his room with a Snowman lookalike
depicted on his bedside mug. Then later, at 9.00am GMT, James is outside
playing in the snow - with a familiar smiling Snowman behind him. 
Hmm. Yep, that's our James I reckon. What do you think...?

The full list of contributors and countries:

Mitsumasa Anno (Dateline), Eric Carle(USA), Raymond Briggs (England),
Nicolai Ye Popov (USSR), Akiko Hayashi (Japan), Gian Calvi (Brazil), Leo and
Diane Dillon (Kenya), Zhu Chengliang (China) and Ron Brooks (Australia).

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  all copyright belongs to Raymond Briggs and his publishers