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      The Adventures Of Bert


     author: Allan Ahlberg
illustrator: Raymond Briggs
publisher: Viking Books
                 32 colour pages


   'Meet Bert.
   This is him.
   Say hallo to Bert.'

This fab picture book tells and depicts five chapters - or 'adventures' - in the life
of Bert. Bert has a Wife (Mrs Bert) and a child (Baby Bert), and if you're not careful
turning the page, you'll wake the young 'un up and get a right ticking off!

So, proceeding quietly, those five adventures are titled thus:

Chapter 1: Bert
Chapter 2: Bert And The Shirt
Chapter 3: Bert And The Sausage
Chapter 4: Bert And The Cardboard Box
Chapter 5: Goodnight, Bert!

The episodes are brief but bright and presented with exquisite simplicity: Simple
text from Ahlberg, simple illustrations from Briggs. Take chapter two, in which Bert
tries on his new rugby shirt, tumbles downstairs, out of the front door and into the
back of a truck bound for Thurso. And that's it. The chapter ends with a bedraggled
but smiling Bert stuck in the middle of The Highlands. Poor chap.

According to the inside cover info, Bert was born by writer Allan Ahlberg in
October 1999. He then invited Briggs to illustrate the five adventures.
Briggs' response:

'I would like to have a bert at them. I agree
completely with the suggested style: simple and
bert, i.e. no detailed backgrounds...'

Allan Ahlberg is a renowned children's writer whose works fill the shelves of
High Street book stores. 'Peepo!', 'The Jolly Postman', 'Burglar Bill', 'Each Peach
Pear Plum' - the list goes on. 'Bert' is yet another gem to add to his enviable CV.

In 2002, Ahlberg and Briggs brought us an equally adventurous sequel...

See also: A Bit More Bert


  all copyright belongs to Raymond Briggs and his publishers