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Children Of Chernobyl


various artists
The Chernobyl Children's Project
  CD cover: Raymond Briggs

   A charity CD produced by The Chernobyl Children's Project.
   Artists include: Tony Cooke, Pat Simmons, Kath Cross,
   Chrissie Gladwin, Andy Hornby, John Anders, Peter Ball,
   Jude Driver, Richard Curran, The Gladly Solemn Sound Choir
   led by Paul Guppy. Message by Adi Roche.

   This charity disc stems from the harrowing account of Chernobyl written
   by Adi Roche. Briggs was a
 natural choice for contributor given the notoriety
   of  When The Wind Blows. Adi is still very much pro-active with the project
   and recently collected an Oscar for the documentary film 'Chernobyl Heart'...

   The CD used to be available via the project's web site,
   but sadly, is no longer offered there....

   More:  ADICCP


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