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The Forbidden Forest


     author: James Reeves
illustrator: Raymond Briggs
publisher: Heinemann
                 174 pages
                 10 b/w illustrations

A collection of lesser known Grimms folk tales, reinterpreted by author
James Reeves...
The tales re-told in this book are:

     The Forbidden Forest
     The Black Tower
     The Poor Old Horse
     The Castle Of The Golden Sun
     The Fowler And The Witch's Daughter
     The Emerald Box
     The Maiden Of The Mill Pool
     The Adventures Of Hans
     Simple Pip
     The Three Soldiers And The Devil

This was Briggs' second collaboration with James Reeves, coming after
'The Christmas Book' (1972) and it's a fabulous volume. Reeves fleshes
out the original Grimms tales, adding depth and texture to each.
Briggs meanwhile, illustrates several with those simple economic line
drawings he so favours - reason enough to add this to your collection.
But the icing on the cake is that maginificnt cover art. A rich, evocative
ink and water colour forest scene of deep greens and watery blue
hues - surely one of his very best pieces - inviting you into the
anthology. Magic stuff!...


  all copyright belongs to Raymond Briggs and his publishers