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The Fair To Middling


      author: Arthur Calder Marshall
 illustrator: Raymond Briggs
publishers: Rupert Hart Davis / Puffin Books
                  192 pages
                   8 b/w illustrations


'Do you believe that God gives us
what we ought to have, even if it's awful?'

This extraordinary, moving story details the mysterious encounters made
at the Middling Fair by the children from Winterbottome's School
For Incapacitated Orphans...

Amongst the many, Peter Ambrose gets the chance to regain his sight,
Lawrie Hudson loses his albino features and Rose Oxley the Music Teacher
is shown a vision of herself devoid of the horrid scalding marks on her face.
But many of these 'cures' bring as much upset, confusion and questioning
as the original disfigurement and in the end, most of the children and their
guardians prefer to return to their original state once more...

This was an early illustrative commission for Mr Briggs, who produced a
beautiful soft-focus portrait of The Fair and Rose Oxley for the cover.
Within are eight great hatched and shadowed illustrations...


  all copyright belongs to Raymond Briggs and his publishers