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Let's Send A Rocket


        author: Kit Patrickson
   illustrator: Raymond Briggs
   publisher: Ginn & Co.
                    16 colour pages

 "Ten, nine eight...    
  Seven, six, five...

  We'll send up a rocket,

  And it will be live"

This is a slim gem. Sixteen poems from Kit Patrickson, illustrated in colour
by Raymond Briggs, with a whizz-bang wraparound cover. Each poem
features splendid full-colour illustrations.

Poems in this collection include:

Let's Send A Rocket               The Dumpy Fairy
What I'll Be                           Uncle Paul
The Painted Rocking-Horse      What I Wear
My Kite                                Knitting
Blow Bubble                          Washing Day
What I'll Drive                       Sailing My Boat
Dressing-up                          The Shinny-shanikin
A Man From Mars                   Push The Pram

There were six Poems For Me books published in total. Raymond Briggs
illustrated two of them. To be honest these "books" are little more than
stapled pamphlets, but they're terrific little things and needless to say,
decidely tricky to track down now!

Here's the full list of titles and illustrators:

1. Trip And Tumble                              4. Let's Send A Rocket
    illustrated by Roysia Romanelli             illustrated by Raymond Briggs

2. Where Are You Going?                      5. Ten To Two
    illustrated by Caroline Sharpe               illustrated by Raymond Briggs

3. What's The Weather?                       6. Listening-in
    illstrated by Robert Millar                      illustrated by John Avis

See also: Ten To Two: Poems For Me Book 5



  all copyright belongs to Raymond Briggs and his publishers