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Puffin Annunal Number One


     authors: various
illustrators: Raymond Briggs and others...
  publisher: Puffin Books
                   126 pages

Interspersed amidst the myriad contributions from Puffin authors are six
poems about 'Impossible Pets' written by Peter Dickinson and illustrated by
Raymond Briggs.

 The Cuddlyjob is a ball of fur that grows so big it'll swallow up
   all who encounter it...

 The Barracoy is an untameable alter ego for otherwise goodly children...

 The Knowit is an irritating bird  with the answers to all your homework
   problems, only  it won't divulge them to you....

 The Gibber makes its home inside your tv set...

 The Scapedog is a pet so vicious he'll eventually turn even the
   goodliest of souls to sin and ruin!
 My particular favourite, however, is the shrieking Fandango,
   a Kookaburra-type bird:

    By what may we tell the Fandango, my dears?
    By his nondescript tale? His inadequate ears?
    By his mouse-coloured fur? His forgettable beak?
    No. What sets the Fandango apart is his

Six great little verses then, with brilliant, simple etched
accompaniments - a real treat, in other words...


  all copyright belongs to Raymond Briggs and his publishers