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              author: Elfrida Vipont
         illustrator: Raymond Briggs
         publisher: Gazelle Books / Hamish Hamilton
                          48 pages / 26 tricolour illustrations

'For the first time in his life Stevie was free...'

Stevie follows the adventures of a little dog who escapes from the
gates of his house one day, and then has to find his way back
home again...

This was Raymond Briggs' first collaboration with Elfrida Vipont,
published under the Gazelle books imprint of Hamish Hamilton.
Gazelle titles were billed as being "Very first reading for the
Very young".

The tricolour illustrations are splendidly appealing. They include
lots of spoken word additions and written sounds as Stevie encounters
noisy traffic, disgruntled workers and passersby.

Ernest Briggs in "Stevie"

Readers will see that Ernest Briggs puts in an appearance on page
eleven, when Stevie encounters a friendly milkman.

See also: The Elephant and the Bad Baby


  all copyright belongs to Raymond Briggs and his publishers