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The End - a Puffin book compiled by Richard Stanley

THE END (1980)

compiled by:  Richard Stanley
 foreword by:  Fungus The Bogeyman
     publisher:  Pufin Books
                      160 pages


A compilation of kids' puns, jokes, riddles, knock-knock gags, doctor-doctor
japes and much more besides...

'All we can say is that as Fungus The Bogeyman
recommends this book - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!'

One for completists is this. Posing as alter-ego Fungus The Bogeyman,
Raymond Briggs pens a suitably grotty introduction to this gag-packed

   Drear Drycleaner Reader,

   This vile book which you are already reading
   has been stinkingly popular in Bogeydom.
   The jokes are so rotten, so wet and so dull
   that readers instantly fall asleep. Some of the
   jokes are so old they are decayed and smelly.
   If you put your nose close to the joke you
   can actually smell it....

Drear Drycleaner Reader...

A page and a half of similar poxed and pustuled putridness follows.
Apparently, the Bogey edition of 'The End' is almost edible, and The
Bogginness Book Of Records lists it as the dullest book ever known.
Fungus sign off thus:

   Yours filthfully,

   Your Smelly Friend of The Night

In addition to this grotty foreword there are two small but delectable Fungus
sketches in the book. The first depicts him writing the foreword. The second
comes at the end of the volume and shows him pasting a sign with 'The End
Of The End' on a wall. 'Thank badness for that!', he exclaims...

'Thank badness for Fungus!', says we...

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  all copyright belongs to Raymond Briggs and his publishers