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The Way Over Windle


     author: Mabel Esther Allan
Raymond Briggs
publisher: Methuen / Pied Piper Books


'What-ho for the expedition!'

Set against the stark hilltop scenery of Brown Windle Moor and the
Lancashire Peak District, this classic tale follows the adventures of a lad
called Simon who moves north from his Chiltern home to the windswept
delights of the moors. He and William and Betsy from next door ramble
the uplands, retracing the path of the 'forgotten old road', putting it back
on the map again and rescuing old Sam Rawsden on the way....

Briggs painted a 4-colour dust jacket for the hardcover, and illustrated
the tale with b/w pen and ink sketches. The familiar Briggs style is
particularly well-suited to the upland scrub and drystone wall
scenery of the Peaks...


  all copyright belongs to Raymond Briggs and his publishers