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  Cheeky Weekly characters and strips...
 'Ello, It's Cheeky!
    Cheeky's Week
 Cheeky was the star and host of Cheeky Weekly. Our toothy
   buffoon featured in a series of daft strips interspersed through
   the comic, detailing his daily travels through Krazy Town - from
   Sunday to Saturday, one for every day of the week...

   Nothing really ever happened. Cheeky would simply encounter
   a host of equally daft characters, with whom he'd share a pun
   or two, before moving on. But this quick-fire approach was a
   "new" idea for a Fleetway strip and, as it happens, the jokes
   were frequently very funny - corny as hell, mind - but yes,
   very funny indeed. Every incarnation of  Music Hall, Variety
   and playground jest was introduced in the strip. There
   were "Knock-Knock" jokes, "Doctor-Doctor" japes,
   "I say, Vicar!" puns, "I Say, I Say, I Say..." quips
   and more...

  Auntie Daisy Hid Kid

   The Cheeky strips and characters were drawn by Frank
   McDiarmid, who must surely be deserving of some kind
   of award for his output. Cheeky Weekly frequently could
   have been retitled the Frank McDiarmid Weekly, he
   contributed so many pages and star turns, and illustrated
   so many wincing puns and gags - it's extraordinary!     

   Oh, and lest we forget, even Cheeky's "pal", the snail got
   a look in in his very own page, called Snail of the Century.
   It seemed that no stone was left unturned in Cheeky's
   Krazy world...

   Cheeky was originally a star member of the Krazy Gang in
   Krazy Comic, where he was an immediate hit with the readers.
   The Krazy Gang frequently encountered a trio-or-two of daft
   regulars, and it was usually young  Cheeky who stole the
   limelight, winding them up with his witticisms. He also had
   his own side-strip - 'Ello, It's Cheeky - but it was soon clear 
   that he had become too popular for the confines of the
   comic and was henceforth given his very own weekly...

      Doodle Doug  PostieBump-Bump Bernie

   The Cheeky Regulars

   Here follows an (almost) complete listing of the regular stars in
   Cheeky's Week - How many do you remember?

   Ah-Sew  (jolly tailor of 'eastern' persuasion)
   Auntie Daisy  (big, bustling, talentless cook)
   Baby Burpo  (a mischievous, nappied, toddler)
   Baker's Boy   (dozey tray carrier for Burnitt & Scorchit bakers)
   Bubblegum Boy (floating around in the corner of the panel)
   Bump-Bump Bernie  (always bandaged up, like Mr Bump)
   Butcher Boy  (worked in the butcher's, of course)
   Constable Chuckle  (a daft policeman)
   Crunching Chris (always stuffing his face with crunchy things)
   Crystal Belle  (gypsy girl, with a crystal ball)
   Dan-Dan the Lavender Man  (a beery-nosed tramp)
   Disco Kid  (Groovy affroed teenager in a leather jacket)
   Doctor-Doctor  (a doctor with a bandaged carrot nose)
   Do-Good Dora  (never seen without a collecting tin)
   Doodle Doug  (never seen without his sketch pad)
   Farmer Giles  (a bumpkin yokel farmer bloke with a hayfork)
   Flash Harry  (a snap-happy, cheeky press photographer)
   Granny Gumdrop  (a gummy, gammy old granny)
   Gunga Jim  (hip young Indian lad with a turban)
   Herman, the Traffic Warden  (an over-keen car ticketer)
   Hid Kid  (always hiding in or behind something)
   Hypno Tessa  (a bushy-haired girl with hynoptist skills)
   Jogging Jeremy  (a weedy, gangly, shorts and vest jogger)
   Knock-Knock Door  (a front door on wheels)
   Lily Pop  (a luscious Lolly Pop Lady)
   Lovesick Louise  (a toothy blonde besotted with Cheeky)
   Milkie  (a jolly milkman)
   Mr Chips, the Carpenter  (always making puns about wood)
   Mr Drip, the plumber  (a flat-capped pipe punster)
   Mr Mutton   (a meaty butcher)
   Oi!  (a bloke in a drain who'd pop up to share a pun - oi!)
   Paddywack  ('oirish' klutz)
   Petula  (a brash, blonde-haired gal from down-under)
   Posh Claude  (snooty Private School bod, always in his uniform)
   Postie, the Postman  (self-explanatory, really...)
   Rex Press  (a news reporter, always creating cooky headlines)
   Sherlock  (pint-size PI with deerstalker and magnifying glass)
   Sid, The Street Sweeper  (filthy bloke with a wheelie bin)
   Six-Gun Sam  (a rootin'-tootin' cowboy kid)
   Spook  (a ghostly spook who would pop up from things)
   Taff the Laff   (a buck-toothed buffoon from The Welsh Valleys)
   Teacher  (Cheeky's grotty, neurotic, grisly-bear, school teacher)
   Uncle Hamish  (Cheeky's crackpot kilted relative)
   Ursula   (a hulk of a woman, with tattoos - could be a bloke)
   Vicar  (a vicar, naturally, with ickle spectacles)
   Willie Brushton  (a painter, with bristling sideburns)
   Yikky-Boo  (mischievous tyke, liked to scare people)
   Zoot Soot, The Sweep  (soot-black fellow, always filthy dirty)

   Phew! - If I've missed anyone, let me know. Oh, and before you
   email me to ask about Gloomy Glad, Walter Wurx and Pongo
   Snodgrass, you should drop by the Krazy Gang and

    'Bye then, Cheeky!



  Cheeky's Week
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Cheeky Weekly #1
  22nd Oct 1977


  Seen p
  "Ello, It's Cheeky"   in Krazy Comic

  Original artist:

  Frank McDiarmid

  Cover star:

  Cheeky Annuals

1979 - 1985

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