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Dick Deadeye
  or Duty Done
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producers: Bill Melendez / International
cel animation
      run time: 81 mins


A colourful pastiche of Gilbert and Sullivan here as Dick Deadeye, dastardly
     villain from the H.M.S. Pinafore, is reinvented as a hero instructed by Queen
     Elizabeth to rescue "The Ultimate Secret" from the evil Sorcerer who, in turn, plans
     to sell this desirable thing to the Pirate King. Will Deadeye thwart the Sorcerer's
     plans? And just what is this secret, anyway?

     Along the way, Dick Deadeye encounters a menagerie of classic Gilbert and
     Sullivan characters and 26 of their tunes are introduced, "borrowed" from their
     operettas and given new lyrics and rock, jazz and show arrangements.
     The tracks have been lifted from: H.M.S. Pinafore, The Mikado, The Pirates
     Of Penzance, The Sorcerer, Trial By Jury, Patience, Iolanthe and Utopia, Limited.
     The film divides Gilbert & Sullivan fans neatly into two camps: those who
     can take this light-hearted pastiche on the chin, and those who feel affronted
     by what they perceive to be a slap in the face of operetta.

     Dick Deadeye is notable for its busy design by the great Ronald Searle. He also
     designed the film's splendid poster art. Enthusiasts should seek out the tie-in
     book, featuring a selection of drawings and designs for the film, courtesy of
     Mr Searle and Bill Melendez' animation crew. Bill Melendez is perhaps
     most famous for his work on the animated Peanuts/Charlie Brown series..

     Gilbert And Sullivan's work was previously translated into animated form by
     Halas & Batchelor, with their version of Ruddigore. More recently, Matt
     Groening's Simpsons team have created the memorable character of Sideshow
     Bob, voiced by Kelsey "Frasier" Grammar. Bob is a dastardly thief and murder,
     ex-assistant to Krusty The Clown, with cultured tastes and a penchant for
     Gilbert and Sullivan operetta...   

» The film is introduced by the voice of Queen Elizabeth (Beth Porter), who
         officially declares the film "open"...


director:         Bill Melendez
       producer:      Steven C Melendez
       designer:      Ronald Searle
       anim dir:       Dick Horn
       story:           Robin Miller, Leo Rost  
       music:          Jimmy Horowitz
                           with additional lyrics by Robin Miller
       voices:         Victor Spinetti (Dick Deadeye)
                          Linda Lewis (Yum Yum)
                          Peter Reeves (Sorceror / Captain Of The Pinafore)
                          George A Cooper (Pirate King)
                          Miriam Karlin (Little Buttercup)
                          John Newton (Nanki / Poo)
                          Julia McKenzie (Rose Maybud)                         
                          Francis Ghent (Monarch Of The Sea / Major General)
                          Barry Cryer (Judge)
                          Beth Porter (Princess Zara / Queen Elizabeth)
      singers:        Ian Samwell (Pirate King)
                          Lisa Strike (Rose Maybud)
                          John Baldry (Monarch Of The Sea / Major General)


      On the web

       Not really a Deadeye link here, rather a very fine biography page
       tracing Bill Melendez' animated career...

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