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British TV series

     Dennis & Gnasher

  and Gnasher

   producers: Collin
gwood O'Hare
                     DC Thomson
   animation: 2D animation
     episodes: 26 x 25mins

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    Dennis is a regular menace about Beanotown. He and his pet pal Gnasher,
    the scruffy terrier, and mates Curly and Pieface are forever upsetting his family,
    neighbours, townsfolk and school friends. Chief amongst them are his Mum and
    Dad, the Major, his Headmaster and wet-eared Walter, the official school
    softy and his equally wet-eared friends. Our stripey-topped anti-hero utilises
    every possible oppurtunity to let rip with catapaults, fireworks, and custard
    pies galore, as he dishes the dirt on his enemies, authority and softies
    everywhere. But as sure as pelted eggs is eggs, those same victims
    will eventually follow the trail of disaster back to that darned boy, his
    plans will unravel and justice will be duly served!

     Dennis' Dad   Dennis & Rasher

    Here in the UK, Dennis the Menace is a true blue, honest-to-goodness comic
    comic icon. He first appeared in the Beano comic in 1951, and as most folks
    know, he's still a star there today.

    It's often forgotten that Dennis had had the animated treatment before this
    series came about. Terry Ward's Flicks Films brought both him and many
    other "Beano" and "Dandy" favourites in to animated life in a series of
    small-scale video releases. This second series came to us via director
    Tony Collingwood and Chris O'Hare and, just as different "Beano" artists
    have brought their own slant to the strips over the years, so they gave the
    characters their own little tweaks and adjustments to fit their new tv persona.
    Dennis continues to evolve, both in the comics and on film, as he's moulded
    to match the mood of the day - it's one of the reasons he's still running
    around menacing folks today, and why the furore over his current tv outing
    (a Red Kite production) is nothing more than a storm in a journalist's teacup

    Of course the British Dennis should never be confused with the all-American,
    blonde-haired Dennis who is something of a icon over the pond. The American
    Dennis is a menace with a heart of gold, but our Dennis is a proper little terror,
    with ne'er a redeeming quality to unearth.

    And whilst Dennis may be the biggest and baddest of DC Thomson's star strips,
    Pub Quiz enthusiasts will gladly tell you that, in fact, Bananaman got the
    teatime tv treatment first...

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    episode titles

    Series 1

   Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
   The Day They Took Gnasher Away
   The Bathnight Club
   Dennis Ahoy
   Revenge of the Robot
   Dennis and the Beanstalk
   Unidentified Funny Object
   Special Agent Dennis
   Dennis and the Grown Ups
   Gorilla Warfare
   The Secret Diary
   The Day TV was Banned

Series 2
The Competition
Summer Holiday
Menace Power
Dennisaurus Rex
Adventures in Dennis Sitting
Haunted House
Oil Strike!
The Trial
Journey to the Centre of the Bed
Skull & Crossbones
Monster Menace

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     Dennis and Gnasher on DVD

     UK DVD
Dennis and Gnasher: Volume 1
                Region 2 / four episodes / Fremantle / May 2004

     UK DVD
Dennis and Gnasher: Volume 2
                Region 2 / four episodes / Fremantle / June 2004

     UK DVD
Dennis and Gnasher: Volume 3
                Region 2 / five episodes / Fremantle / July 2004

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    director:     Tony Collingood
    producer:    Christopher O'Hare
    music:        Roger Jackson
    voices:       Eve Karpf
                     Brian Blessed

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     On the web

Collingwood O'Hare

      The producers' web site....

      And here's Dennis at DC Thomson's official site...

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