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  Short British Films &  TV Specials  

      Eddy And The Bear

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Eddy and the Bear   (2001)
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producers: Collingwood O'Hare Entertainment Ltd
2D animation
        run time: 30 mins


"Moving house had upset Eddy,
     He liked the house, but he'd lost his Teddy..." 


    When Eddy and his Mum move house, poor Eddy loses his favourite teddy
    bear. What is he to do? The boy has given up all hope of finding him when
    he goes out to play in the nearby woods. But there, in a clearing is his teddy
    bear sitting safe and sound. Only it's not Eddy's teddy Freddy, but a giant teddy
    belonging to a big brown bear. So begins a charming friendship between Eddy
    and Bear, who find they share much in common with each other - including
    a fondness for teddy bears...

    This Collingwood O'Hare production is a gem. It's
adapted from three bestselling
    picture books by author/artist Jez Alborough, starring Eddy and Bear, and
    you can hardly see the join. Eddy and Bear enter in to a charming friendship.
    Their adventures are told in  rhyming couplets read by Frances de la Tour
    with some suitably gruff additions from Robert Lindsay as Bear and a great
    young voice from Rupert Garnsey as Eddy. Robert and Rupert's "Silly Song"
    is simply splendid too and Philip Appleby's score adds extra sweetness to
    the mixture. The film's charm must have hit home with those hard-nosed
    tv execs as well because a 26 x 10min series was commissioned on the
    back of it. This continues where the film left of, developing and exploring the
    relationship between Eddy and his big furry friend. And what's more, this
    splendid little show collected a Children's BAFTA for Best Pre-School
    Animation 2002...

» Eddy's Father gets a voice credit, but he doesn't actually feature
        in the film...

» The series commission caused some unease with the producer and
        director. Why? - Well Rupert Garnsey's voice could have broken at
        any moment. The team were understandably anxious to get his voice
        track recorded just as soon as possible!


    Eddy, Teddy and Jez

    Jez Alborough has written and illustrated more than 30 picture books,
    and Eddy and Bear starred in three best-selling titles prior to the film:

    1994 - Where's My Teddy?
    1996 - It's The Bear!
    1998 - My Friend Bear

    In 2002 at least four Walker Books were published to tie-in with
    the series, these being:
    Eddy and the Bear: The Latest Craze
    Edyy and the Bear: The Best Things in Life
    Eddy and the Bear: Brave Knights
    Eddy and the Bear: Big and Small

» Jez Alborough at


      The Silly Song

"I'm so silly, and I don't care
    I'm a great big wibbbly woobly bear,

    There's never been a bear as silly as me-e-e...
    There never ever was and there never will be!'

    I'm so silly and I dont care,
    Together we're a very silly pair,
    There's never been a boy as silly as me-e-e...
    There never ever was and there never will be!'

Eddy and Bear get silly...


       Collingwood O'Hare Entertainment Ltd
       adapted from the best-selling books by Jez Alborough

      director:        Tony Collngwood
      producer:      Christopher O'Hare
      adapted by:   Tony Collingwood
      music:           Philip Appleby
                           "The Silly Song" lyrics by Tony Collingwood
      voices:           Robert Lindsay (Bear)
                           Frances de la Tour (The Narrator)
                           Rupert Garnsey (Eddy)
                           Mum (Jane Whittenshaw)
                           Dad (Chris Lang)


      On the web

Collingwood O'Hare

       The official studio site with more on Eddy - the film and the series - as well
       as all of the other series and films in the Collingwood CV like "Rarg", "Oscar's
       Orchestra" and "The King's Beard"...

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