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British Movie Toons
       "Faeries" (HIT Entertainment plc / United Productions)

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producers: Cartwn Cymru for
                       HIT Entertainment PLC /
                       United Productions
2D animation
         run time: 75mins

    "A story from Otherwhere..."

   Deposited at their Aunt and Uncle's farm for the summer, young Nellie and
    George are playing hide'n'seek in the woods nearby when George goes missing.
    Given that the woods are called Fairy Oak Woods, and the farm is known as
    Fairy Oak Farm it's no surprise to find that fairies are involved with the lad's
    disappearance. Soon Nellie is joining her brother in Fairyland, where they
    encounter many fairy folk, and learn that poor George is doomed to remain in
    the kingdom unless they complete three magic tasks. But what they don't
    know is that the evil Shapeshifter is manipulating the trials to get his hands
    on the magical Orb which holds the Fairies power of youth and eternal beauty.

    '"Faeries" was a Cartwn Cymru production for HIT Entertainment. The director
     and designer was Gary Hurst whose animation credits include Funnybones,
    "Testament: The Bible in Animation" and Toucan Tecs. The film employs
     a shiny blend of traditional and computer animation, apparent from the very
     opening sequence, as we swoop and swish through the wooded countryside,
     in pursuit of the car driving Nellie and George to the farm. When the 2D children
     step into the Fairy Ring they enter a supercoloured realm that blends cg
     effects - water, snow, and magical elements - with "real" photographed
     scenery. The animated figures "stand" on the model mushrooms, they walk
     through treasure-filled caverns and fly through Interflora woodland. This three-way
     combination is hugely ambitious, and it gives the film a very distinctive look
     and feel.

     "Faeries" (HIT Entertainment plc / United Productions)   "Faeries" (HIT Entertainment plc / United Productions)

     Faerie queen

     It's interesting to see artist Wendy Froud getting a thank-you credit on the film.
     She has created a wealth of faerie flora and fauna over the years, in paintings
     and in model form. She's also the wife of that legendary art goblin, Brian Froud...


    broadcast info

    "Faeries" was first broadcast on ITV on Boxing Day 26th December 1999...


     Faeries on DVD

UK DVD  Faeries
                 Region 2 /
HIT Entertainment / February 2005


     Cartwn Cymru for
     HIT Entertainment plc / United Productions

     designed and directed by Gary Hurst


executive producer:
co-executive producer
for United Productions:

production co-ordinators:

animatic editor:
soundtrack breakdown:
background layouts:

2D backgrounds:

key character layouts:

layout & model sheet

animo supervisor:
animo compositing
& painting:

production assistants:

production services:

3D sets:
directors of photography:

lighting assistants:

motion control camera:
special effects
& cgi animation:
sound supervisor
& re-recording mixer:
sound design & editing:


Naomi Jones
Kate Fawkes

Dan Maddicott
Jocelyn Stevenson
Colin Towns

performed by members of
The Munich Symphony Orchestra

Lucy Boulting
Tracey Paddison, Andrew Peters,
Karen Davidsen
Keith Ware
Rob Francis
Christopher Evans, Mark Morgan,
Chris Glynn
Graham Howells, Mike Wall,
Monica Herman, Jocelyn Smith
Chris Fenna, Roger Mainwood,
Andy McPherson, Roger Phillips,
Rick Villeneuve, Arjan Wilschut,
Meryl Edge, Alastair Fell,
Claire Grey, Jose Solis,
Mair Thomas

Julian Evert, Morgan Griffiths,
Lee Huxtable, John Lund
Martyn Yates

Lee Jones, Mike Roberts,
Dave Hoctor, Melanie Crowlie,
Inez Stoodley
Sabina Fisher, Donna Murray,
Macushla Carney
Animasia UK
Animation Services (Hong Kong)
John Wright Model Making
Mark Chamberlain, Simon Jacobs,
Sam James
Toby Farrah, Matthew Kitkat,
Peter Sim
Peter Tyler

Ocean Digital Pictures

Peter Jeffreys
Ian "Spike" Banks A.M.P.S.

with thanks to
The Museum of Welsh Life
Wendy Froud
folklore consultant: Dr Juliette Wood

Kate Winslett (Brigid)
Jeremy Irons (The Shapeshifter)
Dougray Scott (The Fairy Prince)
Carley O'Neill (Nellie)
Freddie Ridge (George)
Elizabeth Morton (Princess Brigid)
Michael Burrell (Mr Coombs / Fume)
June Whitfield (Mrs Coombs)
Tony Robinson (Broom)
Charlotte Coleman (Merrivale)
Jane Horrocks (Huccaby)
Ciara Janson (Nellie)
John Sessions (Chudley)
Patrick Marlowe (Mone)
Jessica Martin (Helen / Skrwak)
Tracy-Ann Oberman (Tippycott)


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