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   Fleetway fun comics...

    Links lead to comics pages detailing first and last issues, info on free
    gifts, key developments and mergers, and an indexing of key strips.


    A-Z titles

      BUSTER                              MONSTER FUN COMIC
     1960-2000                     1975-1976 

           SCHOOL FUN
     1977-1980                     1983-1984

      COR!!                                  SHIVER & SHAKE

     1970-1974                     1973-1974

      JACKPOT                            WHIZZER & CHIPS
1979-1982                     1969-1990

      KNOCKOUT                        WHOOPEE!

     1971-1973                    1974-1985

     KRAZY                          WOW!
    1976-1978                     1982-1983


  Buster launched

  Radio Fun merges...

  Film Fun merges...

  Big One merges...

  Giggle merges too...

  Whizzer & Chips

  Cor!! launched

  Knockout launched

  Jet merges with Buster

  Shiver & Shake launched

  Knockout merges
  with Whizzer & Chips

  Whoopee! launched

  Cor!! merges with

  Shiver & Shake
  merges with Whoopee!


  Monster Fun launched

  Krazy is launched

  Monster Fun merges
  with Buster...

  Cheeky is launched

  Krazy merges with
  Whizzer & Chips...

  Jackpot is launched

  Cheeky merges with

  Jackpot merges with

  WOW! is launched

  WOW! merges with

  School Fun launched

  School Fun merges
  with Buster...

  Whoopee! merges
  with Whizzer & Chips...

  Oink! is launched...

  Fleetway's Nipper
  merges with Buster...

  Oink! merges with

  Whizzer & Chips
  merges with Buster...

  Buster is now an
  all-reprint affair - bar
  J Edward Oliver's

  Jan 4th 2000
  Buster is folded within
  a whisker of its 40th
  birhday, bringing the
  Fleetway fun days
  to an end...


Fleetway fun...

   There are 12 key Fleetway titles in the period this site covers, or intends
   to cover. The first to be published was Buster comic in May 1960, and
   ironically it out-lived all the others, ending its run in reprinted form in
   January 2000.

   Fleetway St. exists to chronicle all the fun strips from these titles, but of
   course each title featured at least one ongoing 'serious' adventure strip too,
   like Monster Fun's pre-Jurassic Park thriller March of the Mighty Ones,
   or The Leopard From Lime Street in Buster. Stay tooned for a side-bar
   on these strips, in time...

   From the early 1980s, more and more strip reprints sneaked into the
   comics and annuals. And by mid-decade there were also monthly Best Of
   compilations running alongside the Big Three surviving fun titles of Buster,
   Whoopee! and Whizzer & Chips. Smaller library-style reprints were
   published too. And then there was Big Comic, which compiled a hotchpotch
   of classic strips from all the past and present titles into one regular volume.
   More reprinting went on in the 90s, with the launch of Big Value Comic,
   and a second compilation called Funny Fortnightly, and like before no
   consideration was given to strip histories, or origins: Anything was up
   for a reprint, in any of the publications, with little or no regard paid to the
   interests of the readership...

   Presumably, the publishers felt that these titles were aimed at a new
   generation of readers who were unfamiliar with the original comics.
   It was foolish thinking, though. Many Fleetway fans can recall older
   brothers or sisters reading the comics before them. We were more
   informed that they thought, weren't we?

   Still this was Fleetway's loss. If they'd indexed all the strips
   and reprints you wouldn't be needing Fleetway St. would you?

   Hope you like the index!

        Pooch says 'Stay tooned!'

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