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Toonhound presents...








   Toonhound's Gruesome Giveaway

Win Grizzly Tales on DVD!

    "Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids" has just crept on to DVD,
     and you can win yourself a copy, and a Gruesome book, courtesy
     of Granada Ventures - That's if you dare to enter the draw.

    Grizzly Tales prizes courtesy Granada Ventures

    The prize includes:
1 x DVD "Grizzly Tales: Monty's Python and Other Stories"
1 x Tie-in book "More Grizzly Tales" by Graham Rix

    To enter, simply send The Hound an email with the subject
    heading Gruesome Giveaway. Your email should include your full
    name and contact address, including postcode.

   The closing date for entries is Monday, 15th May 2006.

 One winning submission will be drawn after the closing date, and that
    winner will be notified by email.

» The Giveaway is now closed.
» Thanks for taking part!


    Our "Gruesome" winner...

 Joanne Major, Lincoln 

    Gruesome stuff...

    Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids has been scaring up the ratings on
    CiTV for quite some time now - the producers are currently putting together
    a 6th season of nasty stories!

    The premise is frightfully simple. Each episode, Uncle Grizzly invites us
    into his rundown cinema (the Squeam Screen) to watch another creepy tale
    unspool in which a child falls foul of some 'orrible fate. Those spooky
    introductions are presented as stop-motion vignettes, with Uncle Grizzly
    stalking his filthy projection box, midst crawling bugs and scuttling insects,
    before the story unfolds in two dimensions. Nigel Planer narrates with
    hand-rubbing glee, building each sorry story to its ghastly conclusion...

    The series has crept on to some high-profile awards lists. It collected two
    nominations at the Children’s BAFTAs 2005, and it sneaked off with the
    Best Children’s Series prize at The British Animation Awards 2004.
   "Grizzly Tales: Monty's Python and Other Stories" is a Granada
    Ventures release, featuring eight frightful episodes:

 The Bugaboo Bear       The Grub a Blub Blub
The Butcher Boy        • Wolf Child
 The Fruit Bat            • The Weather Witch
Monty's Python          Kiss and Make Up

                           More: Granada Ventures   Honeycomb Animation


The Hound says...
    "From the folks who brought us those Wolves, Witches and Giants,
     this grizzly series isn't so much gruesome, as great fun. The Guignol
     is never too Grand, the fear factor never too high. But the stories are
     told with a glint in the eye and great gleeful side-portions of relish..."



      The DVD and book goes to the first entry drawn after the closing date.

 The winner agree to having his/her name and location included on this web site. 

 Names and addresses of entrants will not be disclosed to any third parties, or used for
        any marketing purposes.

 The DVD is in PAL format, and is rated U in the United Kingdom.

 Sorry, but Toonhound can not replace faulty or incompatible discs.

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