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© and TM Aardman Animations Ltd 2006.  All Rights Reserved.

Two Creature Comforts
DVD sets to be won!

    A little birdy tells us that, this monthAardman Animation are releasing
    the complete second series of "Creature Comforts" as a DVD box-set
    (RRP £19.99). And to celebrate its timely arrival, The Hound has two
    fab copies to give away...

    Each set
contains all 12 episodes of this cracking show, plus the
    half-hour Christmas Special, and they're bundled together with a
    barnyard's-worth of animated extras!

There are two box-sets available.

    To enter the draw, simply send us an email with the subject heading
    Creature Comforts Giveaway
. Your email should include your
    full name and contact address, including postcode/zip.

The closing date for entries is Sunday, 3rd December 2006.

 Two winning submissions will be drawn after the closing date, and the
     winners notified by email.

    » The Giveaway is now closed!

Thanks for taking part!


    And the winners are...

 Sandra Goodson, East Grinstead 

 Matt Bowie, Harrow 

    A comfortable hit!

    Who'd have thought that lightning could strike thrice?

    Back in 1991, Nick Park and the Aardman team surprised and delighted
    us with their Oscar-winning film depicting a series of vox-pops with
    enunciating animals, whose dialogue was lifted directly from the street.
    It spawned an equally-successful advertising spin-off, and then, a decade
    later a brand-new series arrived on ITV.

    But third time around, there was a subtle shift in tone. Rather than
    concentrate on the over-bites and expression, the tv series dropped
    in on an array of ever-more incredible critters, in ever-more ludicrous
    scenarios. We moved from sofa-dwelling cats and dogs to seaside
    flotsam, single-cells organisms, extra-terrestrials and beyond.
    And yet, however outlandish the creature or location, they all had
    an instant familiarity and 8.5m of us tuned in to watch the animated

    But if series one of "Creature Comforts" was a hoot, well, watch out
    for a fourth lightning strike, because series two is even better, as we
    roam the globe, and discover if bald eagles ever feel self-conscious,
    what makes pigs feel sexy, and what exactly, do our furry friends
    make of our Christmas festivities?

    "Creature Comforts Series II" is released on DVD, 6th November 2006
     and episodes in the box-set include:

   • Beast in Show    
Animals in the 'Hood      Bed Time
The Brood          Sport!                        • Self Image
Pet Hates           Monarchy Business      • Communication
Impressions        Animal Magnetism        • Safari Park

   + half-hour bonus Merry Christmas Everybody.

                                                                More: Aardman Animation 


The Hound says...
     "Here's a Great British toon made for, and by, the Great British public...
      We've all met a Tom or a Witney, or Behzed or Trixie... Which suggests
      that - from an evoloutionary perspective - we're just half-a-step away
      from the plasticene era!..."



      Prizes go to the first two entries drawn after the closing date.

 Winners agree to having their names and country of location included on this web site. 

 Names and addresses of entrants will not be disclosed to any third parties, or used for
        any marketing purposes.

The DVDs are identified as Region 2 discs, compatible with UK machines.
        Please check you can play these discs before entering the Giveaway.

 Creature Comforts is rated PG in the United Kingdom.

 Sorry, but we can not replace faulty or incompatible discs.

and 2006 Aardman Animations Ltd. All Rights Reserved. / F2006