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Toonhound presents...






Toonhound presents: The Magic Ball DVD Giveaway

5 Magic Ball DVDs to be won!

    Now here's some magic news. The fine folks at Network are releasing
    the complete first series of "The Magic Ball" on DVD (RRP £14.99)
    on 6th November, and to celebrate, The Hound has five fab copies
    to give away

To reiterate, there are 5 DVDs available.

    To enter the draw, simply send us an email with the subject heading
    Magic Ball Giveaway
.Your email should include your
    full name and contact address, including postcode/zip.

    The closing date for entries is Sunday, 10th December 2006.

 Five winning submissions will be drawn after the closing date, and the
     winners notified by email.

    » The Giveaway is now closed!

Thanks for taking part!


    And the winners are...

 Rick Baines, Great Harwood

 Helen Kennedy, Wigston
  Karly Phillips, Sutton Coldfield
Martin Stevens, Chertsey
 Fiona Doyle,York

    Magic Stuff

    This is it, folks. This is where the Cosgrove Hall magic truly began.
    Back in 1971 The Magic Ball was the very first tv collaboration between
    the duo of Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall, who later clubbed their surnames
    together to form our favourite toon studio.

    The series is set in the little seaside town of Haythornswaite, which is
    home to Sam, his Magic Ball, and his Aunty's equally-magic shop.
    Whenever sam gets curious about an object, or a person or a thing
    within the store, his Magic Ball pulses and sparkles and whisks him
    away on a mini-adventure to meet a caveman, a highwayman, cowboys,
    indians and pirates and more...

     Sam and his Magic Ball
    "The Magic Ball" features some surprising and experimental animation,
    with strange inked backgrounds and photo cut-outs inserted into the more
    familiar cel work. And the simple tales are embellished with fanciful dialogue
    and delicious twisting narration courtesy of Eric Thompson. Which explains why
    the series won two Silver Awards at the Venice Film Festival of Children's
    Films and a Silver Hugo at the Chicago Film Festival.

    Thirty-five years on, and the series remains a timeless delight. Of course it
    shares many similarities with its contemporary, Mr Benn, but there's just
    something about the way each episode comes together which allows us
    to forgive its derivitiveness and just allow ourselves to be seduced by its
    melabcholic theme, to drift back in time and away with Sam on another
    magical adventure...

    The 13 episodes on this first-season DVD include:

The Story of the Cave Man
 The Story of the Princess in the Castle
 The Story of the Chimney Sweep
 The Story of the Six Winged Lions
 The Story of the Highwayman
 The Story of the Circus
 The Story of the Weathermaker
 The Story of the Chimpanzee
 The Story of the Grandfather Clock
The Story of the Toy Soldier
 The Story of the Flying Carpet
 The Story of the Cowboy and the Indian
The Story of the Pirates

                                                                More info: Network 


The Hound says...
     "There's something just so magical about this series. Maybe it's
      the quaint seaside locale... the clever narration... the experimental
      design... or that hypnotic theme... turning the clock back to a special
      place and time..."



      Prizes go to the first five entries drawn after the closing date.

 Winners agree to having their names and country of location included on this web site. 

 Names and addresses of entrants will not be disclosed to any third parties, or used for
        any marketing purposes.

The DVDs are identified as Region 2 discs, compatible with UK machines.
        Please check you can play these discs before entering the Giveaway.

 The Magic Ball is rated U in the United Kingdom.

 Sorry, but we can not replace faulty or incompatible discs.

© Stop Frame Productions / Fremantle / NetworkDVD / F2006