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Toonhound presents...






Toonhound's Raggy Dolls DVD Giveaway
   Win The Raggy Dolls on DVD!


    It's taken a while, but Hi-Fi, Back-To-Front, Sad Sack, Princess, Claude,
    Lucy and Dotty have at last managed to climb out of their old Reject Bin
    and on to DVD.

    Revelation Films released Raggy Dolls: Series One on 21st June, which
    means we can now watch 13 episodes of Melvyn Jacobson's ever-popular
    80's toon series back to back, front to front, or back to front, as the mood
    takes us. And we can sing along with that ridiculously hummable theme
    song from Neil Innes... 

There are two DVDs available, courtesy of Revelation Films.

    To enter the draw, simply send us an email with the subject heading
"Rag-tastic Giveaway". Your entry should include your full name and
    contact address, including postcode/zip.

    The closing date for entries is Monday, 19th July 2010.

    Two lucky entries will be drawn after the closing date, and the winners
    notified by email...

    ************* UPDATE 20/07/10 ********************************************

This Giveaway is now closed - Good luck to all who entered.
   The Hound will be picking the two winning entries very soon,
   so stay tooned!

    Made imperfectly

    The erstwhile Raggy Dolls are a group of toy dolls manufactured incorrectly
    at Mr Grimes soft toy factory. One by one, they find their way into the factory
    reject bin. But there's absoloutely nothing wrong with being different, and
Hi-Fi, Back-To-Front, Sad Sack, Princess, Claude, Lucy and Dotty are
    soon having all sorts of jolly adventures
and fruitful encounters together.

    In fact, they had 112 adventures together between 1986 and 1994. And now
    Revelation Films want to re-introduce us to the first of them...

    "The Raggy Dolls: Series One" from Revelation Films
    The Raggy Dolls: Series One
    Released 21st June 2010 by Revelation Films
    RRP: £9.99

    Includes the episodes:

    The Flying Machine
   The Big Top
   The Pigeon Race
   The War of the Wizards
   The Special Offer
   The Litter Bugs
   The Dark Wood
   The Fun Fair
   Too Many Cooks
   After the Storm
   Christmas Dolls
   The Trouble with Claude
   Happy Binday 

   + a bouncing ball singalong + character profiles


The Hound says...
     "The Raggy Dolls have perennial appeal. It's okay to be different, we're told,
      everyone can be lasting friends regardless of their apparent shortcomings.
      The dolls' bond is so strong, in the episode "The Special Offer" they
      work fearlessly to prevent their separation in a cut-price toy sale. And
      that gets The Hound thinking, were Buzz and Woody and their Toy Story
      pals skulking in the very same Reject Bin, all those years ago...?"



      The prizes go to the first two entries drawn after the closing date.

 The winners agree to having his or her name and country of location
        included on this web site. 

 Names and addresses of entrants will not be used, shared or sold for any
        marketing purposes.

The DVDs are identified as Region 2 discs, compatible with UK machines.
        Please check you can play these discs before entering the Giveaway.

 All the DVDs are rated U in the United Kingdom.

 Sorry, but we can not replace faulty or incompatible discs.

© Revelation Films / F2010