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Toonhound's Popetown Giveaway!
    Popetown on DVD

Five copies of "Popetown"
up for grabs!

Kept off our screens by the BBC and mauled
unseen by religious lobbyists "Popetown" has finally escaped on DVD via the fine folks
at Revolver, and to celebrate, The Hound
has five controversial copies to give away!

To enter the DVD draw, simply send us an
email with the subject heading "Popetown Giveaway". Your email should include
your full name and contact address, including postcode/zip.

The closing date for entries is Monday,
4th October 2005.

Five winning submissions will be drawn at
random after the closing date, and winners
notified by email.

The Giveaway has now closed.
Thanks to everyone who took part!...


    Popetown winners!

• Darren Jones, London          • Rachel MacLennan Baird, Wisbech
 Don Martin, Hopewell, VA      Gareth Conway, Exeter 
 Claire Fawley, Oregon


   Welcome to Popetown, where money, power and corruption are just
   another part of the daily routine for the Cardinals, Nuns, and Bishops.
   Father Nicholas is our guide through the corridors of power, where
   everyone's playing the game, it seems, even the gun-toting, pogo-sticking,
   hide-and-seek playing Pope!

   The series is directed by Phil Ox (MJTV), and features the writing talents of
   Mackenzie Crook and David Quantick. The all-star voice artists include Matt Lucas,
   Bob Mortimer, Ruby Wax, Kevin Eldon, Simon Greenall, Morwenna Banks
   and model Jerry Hall.

   "Popetown" was comissioned and produced by BBC Three, and set to air back
   in 2004, but mass media speculation and religious lobbying in advance of the
   broadcast gave the corporation cold feet, so they pulled it from their schedules.
   The series has been languishing in cartoon limbo ever since.

   But now Revolver have stepped in. Their UK DVD release includes 10 x 24min
   episodes of the show, plus interviews with several members of the all-star cast,
   so now we can all see exactly what all that fuss was about...


The Hound says...
    "Too controversial for television, "Popetown" finally arrives on DVD for our viewing
     pleasure... or not, depending on your taste... But the important thing is, we're
     finally getting the chance to judge for ourselves... And as it happens, "Popetown"
     is rather funny. Think of it as a naughty choirboy. Indeed, the show has only
     picked up a "12" certificate here in the UK, which suggests that much of the
     controversy has  simply been a storm in a Catholic wine cup. Look beneath
     that Papal veil and you'll find a show which has a genuine respect for
     the religion its lampooning. Well, that's The Hound's opinion, at least.
     You may view it differently. The point is, now you can!"



      Prizes go to the first five entries drawn after the closing date.

 Winners agree to having their names and country of location included on this web site. 

 Names and addresses of entrants will not be disclosed to any third parties, or used for
        any marketing purposes.

The DVD prizes available are Region 2 PAL discs, compatible with UK machines. Please check
        you can play these discs before entering the competition.

 Sorry, but we can not replace faulty or incompatible discs.

Popetown is rated 12 in the United Kingdom. Accordingly, this giveaway is open
        to people aged 12 and over...

  all characters © to their respective estates/creators / F2000-2005