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Toonhound presents...






Toonhound's Captain Scarlet Giveaway!

Two sets of Captain Scarlet
   DVDs to be won!

   Granada Ventures have just released volumes 2, 3 and 4 of "Gerry Anderson's
   New Captain Scarlet" on DVD. And to celebrate, The Hound has been handed
   two special sets to give away.

   Each disc includes three episodes of this top show, which means the winners
   will have nine dazzling episodes for their viewing pleasure!



    To enter the draw, simply send us an email with the subject heading
    Captain Scarlet Giveaway
. Your email should include your full name
    and contact address, including postcode/zip.

The closing date for entries is Tuesday, 28th February 2006.

 Two winning submissions will be drawn after the closing date, and the
    winners notified by email.

   The Giveaway is now closed.
   Thanks to everyone who took part!


    Captain Scarlet winners

 Andrew Kennedy, Wigston, Leicester 
 Jordan Bellamy, Haxby, York


   Spectrum Is Green again!

   Captain Scarlet is back in this all-new CGI series from Gerry Anderson.
   Filmed in Hypermarionation, these hi-tech adventures follow the agents
   of Spectrum, and their ongoing encounters with the deadly Mysterons.
   All our favourites have returned - Colonel White, Captain Blue, the
   Angels - but now they've undergone a thoroughly modern makeover,
   with new gadgets, gizmoes and vehicles with which to take on the
   menace of the Mysterons, and their dark agent Captain Black.
   And there's not a string in sight!

   The new series premiered on CiTV in February 2005, and season two
   has just finished its first UK broadcast. Granada Ventures have now
   released all thirteen episodes of the first season as a DVD box set,
   and as four individual discs...

                                          More: Granada Ventures  Captain Scarlet


The Hound says...
     "Sure, there's CGI-candy here by the bucketload. But better still, beneath
      the glossy surface is a topnotch sci-fi series, with clever action, thrilling
      chases, and great character development. The new Captain Scarlet puts
      its live-action contemporaries to shame. And yes, that includes the new
      Doctor Who..."



      Prizes go to the first two entries drawn after the closing date.

 Winners agree to having their names and country of location included on this web site. 

 Names and addresses of entrants will not be disclosed to any third parties, or used for
        any marketing purposes.

The DVDs are identified as Region 2 discs, compatible with UK machines.
        Please check you can play these discs before entering the Giveaway.

 Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet is rated PG in the United Kingdom.

 Sorry, but we can not replace faulty or incompatible discs.

all characters © their respective creators and licensees / F2006