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Toonhound presents...







   Doctor Snuggles DVD Giveaway

Three DVD sets to be won!

    Are you feeling snug? - Then you're probably ready for this rather
    dreamy DVD Giveaway, courtesy of Lollipop Animation and the folks
    at FireFly Entertainment.

    Lollipop Animation have recently aquired some very desirable pieces
    of original Doctor Snuggles animation art, straight from the hands of
    Jeffrey O'Kelly. You can peruse and buy these mouthwatering editions
    through their rather stylish gallery in Ely, Cambs and on their web site
right now. To celebrate their arrival, Firefly Entertainment have handed
    over three fantastic Doctor Snuggles DVD sets to offer as prizes
    here at Toonhound!

  Snuggles cels from Lollipop Animation

    Each box set includes all 13 episodes of the original series, spread
    across four discs. Which means the winners will be spending six and
    half hours in the company of the good Doctor, Dennis the Badger,
    Miss Nettles, Matilda Junkbottom and the rest of the extraordinary
    characters who populate Jeffrey O'Kelly's funtastic realm...



    There are three Doctor Snuggles DVD sets to be won.

    To enter the draw, simply send The Hound an email with the subject
    heading Snuggles Giveaway. Your email should include your full
    name and contact address, including postcode.

   The closing date for entries is Monday, 10th April 2006.

 Three winning submissions will be drawn after the closing date, and the
    winners notified by email.

» The Giveaway is now closed.
» Thanks to everyone who entered!


    Snuggles winners!

 Fiona Drinkell, Broughton, Northants 
 Charmell Kirov, Brighton

    Debbie Hughes, Manchester


   Dreamy stuff

   The brainchild of Jeffrey O'Kelly, Doctor Snuggles positively overflows
   with imagination
. The Doctor's magical realm is stuffed with all kinds of
   freewheeling flora and fauna, often combined, and all affectionately
   conceived and designed for our delight.

   Little wonder, then, that the series is as popular as ever, 25 years on
   from its first broadcast.
 And little wonder too, in this crazy world of remakes
   and revisits, that Jeffrey has a brand-spanking new series of adventures up
   his sleeve. In this case, however, it will be a joy to see what Jeffrey
   has planned now that modern animation techniques can allow
   his imagination to truly run wild and roam free...

                                                  More: Doctor Snuggles


The Hound says...
     "It's a cliched phrase, used by lazy PR firms around the world. But
      Jeffrey O'Kelly's superior series deserves a superior billing. So roll up,
      folks. Hop on board the Dreamy Boom-Boom for adventures that are,
      truly, over the rainbow and beyond your imagination..."



      Prizes go to the first three entries drawn after the closing date.

 Winners agree to having their names and location included on this web site. 

 Names and addresses of entrants will not be disclosed to any third parties, or used for
        any marketing purposes.

 The DVDs are all rated U in the United Kingdom.

 Sorry, but we can not replace faulty or incompatible discs.

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all characters © their respective creators and licensees / F2006