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British Movie Toons
"Jackboots on Whitehall" (McHenry Brothers / Vertigo Films)

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   on Whitehall   
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producers: McHenry Brothers / Swipe Films
                       E-Motion Ent. / U-Film / Arcadia
                       Motion Pictures / Cinema Four
                       Matador Pictures / Pegaso
                       Pictures / Zeus Film
animatronic puppets
        run time: 91mins

   "The smallest epic film you'll ever see!"

   Now pay attention, everyone. 'Seems those blessed historians got their facts
   wrong. The Nazi war machine actually made it all the way to London during
   World War II. They fought a savage battle before the steps of No. 10 and
   drove the Resistance out of the bloomin' capital all together. But we didn't
   take defeat lying down, because a band of our hardiest souls regrouped at
   Hadrian's Wall, and together this ragtag crowd of woad-covered Bravehearts
   and Empire Endgamers made a last stand against the Fuhrer and took
   our fair isle back!

   "Jackboots on Whitehall" is Edward and Rory McHenry's rip-roaring, gung-ho,
   Boys Own revisionist military mash-up starring animatronic Action Man and
   Barbie doll figures. The film throws its puppets into a blender with every single
   "Commando" comic and war movie cliché you can recall. There's some Carry On
   sauce there too, lots of Supermarionation and even a dash of Potty Time, just
   for good measure.

   Trey Parker and Matt Stone did a similar thing when they unleashed their
   outrageous "Team America" upon the world. "Jackboots on Whitehall" is
   more scatter-gun in its approach and marches to its own British beat. It's a
   tad hit and miss, script-wise, if we're honest, but it excels in its miniature
   Meddings-like battle scenes, as the carnage unfolds and the thunder
   reverberates. This viewer feels like a kid again, kneeling before his Airfix kits
   and model soldiers and conjuring up the outrageous chaos of war in his mind's
   eye. It's just one great, bloody, awful game, isn't it? 

   The McHenrys are clearly having a gleeful time with their toys. There's a swooping
   aerial dogfight to salivate over, and a Zulu-style climactic battle in Northumberland.
   Topping everything are those ice-cold bazooka-weilding Nazi Barbie dolls on
   motorbikes. Freaktastically memorable, they could have driven straight out
   of a Svankmajer film.
   The puppets are Supersimplistic. They have just a servomotor on each arm and
   two on the head to give them very basic raise left, raise right, turn left, turn right
   movement. Facial manipulation was added in post. And there are lots of famous
   British voices coming out of their mouths. Our supposed farmhand hero, Sam,
   is a Ewan McGregor look and soundalike, but it's Timothy Spall who steals the
   film, immersing himself completely, and brilliantly, within his crumpled Churchill
   puppet. The film looks quite fabulous too. In all, forty-one amazing miniature sets
   were put together at Three Mils Studios in London, production managed by
   Edward and Rory's father, David McHenry...

"Jackboots on Whitehall" (McHenry Brothers / Vertigo Films)  "Jackboots on Whitehall" (McHenry Brothers / Vertigo Films)


    theatrical premiere

    The film screened at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on June 20th
    2010, before embarking on its official UK release on October 8th...


    Jackboots on DVD

    UK DVD
Jackboots on Whitehall
               Region 2 / Sony Pictures / January 2011


      distributed by Vertigo Films (UK)

associate producers
executive producers

original music:
production designer:
art direction:
art department assistants:
costume designer:
graphic designer:
charge hand painter:
head sculptors:
film editing:
post-production supervisor:
production manager:
1st assistant director:
2nd assistant director: daily:
3rd assistant directors:
assistant director: second
sound design consultant:
adr recordist:
sound effects editor:
supervising sound editor:
dolby sound consultant:
adr recordist:
sound re-recording mixers:

visual effects
visual effects:
visual effects artists:

visual effects assistants:

visual effects editor:
special effects supervisors:
special effects: equipment
gaffer: second unit:
lighting technician:
focus puller:
digital lab supervisors:
electrician: dailies
motion control supervisor:
motion control
camera operator:
dailies: additional colorist
first assistant editor:
conforming editor:
soundtrack producer:
choir conductor:
temp track singer:
score preparation:

orchestra recording engineer:
music editor:
score supervisor:
orchestra leader:
script supervisor
additional script supervisor:
production assistant -
puppeteering department:

post production runner:
assistant to producers:
post production coordinator:
accounting services: Lee
assistant: BDM
legal advisor: Belgium
legal services: Hammonds LLP
epk director:
production executives:
production coordinator:
production assistant:
production office runner:
production accountant:
assistant accountant:
special thanks:

Edward McHenry, Rory McHenry
Patrick Scoffin, Karl Richards
Peter Bevan
Cara Cheeseman, Marc Dando
Ibón Cormenzana, Jamie English,
Ignasi Estapé, Lukas Klein,
Frank Mannion, Debbie McWilliams,
Tim Muhlenbach, Adrian Politowski
Nigel Thomas, Charlotte Walls,
Gilles Waterkeyn
Edward McHenry, Rory McHenry
Guy Michelmore
Debbie McWilliams
David McHenry
Sam Stokes
Jack Berk, Dean Spicksley
Elizabeth Marcussen
Andrew Tapper
Hannah Boyton
Simon Lewis, Erick Sosa
Matthew Hudson, Jorge Martinez
Chris Blunden
Cara Cheeseman
Cara Cheeseman
Steve Murphy
Will Cummins
David Bispham, Richard Lake

Greg Furber
James Boyle
Simon Diggins
Peter Hanson
Mark Taylor
Chris Sturmer
Philip Young
Tim Cavagin, Craig Irving,
Mark Taylor

Clare Heneghan
Zissis Papatzikis
Virginie Delisse, Giorgia Graziadio
Natalie MacDonald, James Rose,
Yolanda Rubio, Theajodharan
Harrison Ly, Ben O'Dell,
Richard Worsley
Kieran Nicholas
Mike Kelt, Jonathan Cheetham
Rick Jotle
Paul Gorrie
Sam Alberg
Gilles Collart
Richard Copeman
Marc Dando, James Eggleton
Mike Farr
Ben Goldschmied

Dan Goldschmied
Pawel Polak
Peter Bernaers
Jodie Davidson
William Blunden
Kieran Nicholas
Mikael Carlsson
Nic Raine
Jon Grave
Jon Grave
Rachel Grave
Rachel Grave
Rachel Grave, Guy Michelmore,
Nic Raine
Jan Holzner
Tony Lewis
Amanda Street
Lucie Svehlova
Paula Casarin
Caroline Bowker

Tim Carter, Dominic McHenry,
Angus Ogilvie
Vika Evdokimenko
Caroline Frank
Megan Guy
Megan Guy

Spencer Hall
Benjamin Hanley
Pierre Philippe Hendrickx
Nessa McGill
François-Régis Jeanne
Martin Metz, Iwona Sellers
Karen Payne
Daniel Stephenson
Sarah Townsend
Jon Miller
Justin Miller
Jeremy Burdek, Nadia Khamlichi
Ewan McGregor (Chris)
Rosamund Pike (Daisy)
Richard E. Grant (The Vicar)
Timothy Spall (Winston Churchill)
Tom Wilkinson (Albert / Joseph Goebbels)
Dominic West (Fiske)
Alan Cumming (Adolf Hitler / Braveheart)
Sanjeev Bhaskar (Major Rupee)
Richard Griffiths (Hermann Göring)
Richard O'Brien (Heinrich Himmler)
Stephen Merchant (Tom)
Pam Ferris (Matron Rutty)
Hugh Fraser (Gaston / Newsreader)
Tobias Menzies (Captain English)
Neil Newbon (Zeppelin Captain)
James Hicks (Igor)
Alexander Armstrong (Red Leader)

Stephen Lord (various voices)

Charlotte Moore (Heidi / Helga / Dairymaid /
Charlie / various)


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