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It's A Puppet!

Joe McClaine is Joe 90

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Joe 90           (1968)
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producers: Century 21 for ITC Worldwide
Supermarionation / string and
                      radio-controlled puppets

      episodes: 30 x 25mins



    It's 2112 - the future! - and with the aid of a super machine, a nine year old
    boy becomes the 90th secret agent working for the World Intelligence Network
    (WIN). His new operational name? - Joe 90.

    The machine in question is a spinning dome code-named BIG RAT, which
    stands for Brain Impulse Galvanoscope Record And Transfer, or just a hi-tech
    way of saying it can transfer the contents of one person's mind into another.
    It was invented by Professor Ian McClaine who tested his extraordinary new
    device on his friend Sam Loover, by transferring a whole bundle of knowledge
    over to his adopted son Joe. "Mac" is about to sell BIG RAT to Convex
    Computers, but Sam works for WIN and his superior Shane Weston,
    send Joe on a mission which persuades the Professor to keep his device
    secret and exclusive to WIN. BIG RAT is thus designated as Project 90,
    and offspring Joe embarks on a series of incredible missions as WIN's
    newest and youngest recruit...

    Joe's first mission - and the one that convinces WIN. of BIG RAT's
    possibilities - involves him stealing a top-secret MIG 242 fighter plane
    from under the noses of the russians. The brainwaves of a Russian pilot
    are transferred to the lad, before he and the Professor hop on over to the
    Soviet state and Joe nips off in the airplane!

     Joe takes a spin, courtesy of BIG RAT

    Here then is another Supermarionation sensation to savour. "Joe 90"
    followed hot on the heels of Captain Scarlet, and it endeavoured to take
    further steps towards realism, both in the design of the puppets and in
    the storytelling. At the time, those ITC spy series were all the rage and
    "Joe 90" captilases with some iconic design work and a groovy theme tune.
    BIG RAT itself is a superb chocolate orange of a machine, which spins
    through the opening credits as the theme tune bubbles. The Cold War was
    also very much at its peak, which meant there were plenty of Eastern block
    activities out there to investigate, thwart and unmask. And best of all,
    Joe was a nerd hero. He wore thick black glasses which contained
    special electrodes to enable those brain transfers.

    Joe McClaine is the original Spy Kid. He was thwarting assassins and
    spies three decades before Alex Ryder rode in. Little wonder, then, that
    the live-action rights to the show have been snapped up for a modern 


     In the news

The Hound: May 2003 
     Joe 90 movie rights sold....


    Joe 90 episodes

     Titles presented in original broadcast order...

The Most Special Agent         Double Agent
    Most Special Astronaut          
Three's a Crowd
Project 90                           The Professional
    Hijacked                              The Race
    Colonel McClaine                   
    The Fortress                        
King for a Day                       Child of the Sun God
    International Concerto            
See You Down There
Splashdown                          Lone-Handed 90
Big Fish                               Attack of the Tiger
Relative Danger                     Viva Cordova
    Operation McClaine                
Mission X-41
    The Unorthodox Shepherd       
Test Flight
Business Holiday                    Trial at Sea
    Arctic Adventure                   
The Birthday


     Broadcast info

     "The Most Special Agent" premiered on ATV on September 29th, 1968.
     The series continued to air, once a week for thirty weeks, concluding
     with "The Birthday" on April 20th, 1969...


     Joe 90 on DVD

     UK DVD Joe 90: The Complete Series
                Region 2 / 5 discs / Carlton / Sept 2002

     UK DVD
Joe 90: Vol. 1
                Region 2 / 6 eps / Carlton / Sept 2002

     UK DVD
Joe 90: Vol. 2
                Region 2 / 6 eps Carlton / Sept 2002

     UK DVD
Joe 90: Vol. 3
                Region 2 / 6 eps / Carlton / Nov 2002

     UK DVD
Joe 90: Vol. 4
                Region 2 / 6 eps / Carlton / Nov 2002

     UK DVD Joe 90: Vol. 5
                Region 2 / 6 eps / Carlton / Jan 2003

    USA DVD Joe 90: The Complete Series
                Region 1 / 5 discs / A&E Home Video / July 2003


    created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson

David Lane
    exec prod:         Reg Hill
    directors:          Desmond Saunders
, Alan Perry,
                            Leo Eaton, Ken Turner, Peter Anderson,
                            Brian Heard

    writers:             Gerry Anderson, Sylvia Anderson,
                            Tony Barwick, Shane Rimmer,
                            David Lane, Donald James,
                            Desmond Saunders, Keith Wilson,
                            Pat Dunlop , Donald James,
                            John Lucarotti

    editor:               Harry MacDonald, Bob Dearberg,
                            Len Cleal, Alan Killick, Norma A Cole
    music:               Barry Gray
    visual fx:           Derek Meddings
Len Jones (Joe McClaine)
                            Rupert Davies
                            Keith Alexander (Sam Loover)

                            David Healy
(Shane Weston)
                            Gary Files
                            Martin King
                            Sylvia Anderson
                            Jeremy Wilkin
                            Shane Rimmer
                            Liz Morgan

     On the web

      Big Rat
      Big Rat presents a terrific fan site detailing Joe 90's premise,
      characters, gadgets and much more!

      And Joe's here at Fanderson, of course, with plenty more
      Supermarionation material to explore...

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