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  Knockout characters and strips...

   Joker - Sid Burgon stylee...
There's one in every class isn't there? - A loon with a
   giant cow lick haircut, orange-red sports jacket and huge
   squirty flower. Joker liked playing tricks on people. A lot.
   In fact, he never stopped. In school, in the playground,
   in the staff room, in the shopping centre - wherever he
   went, Joker would be setting off stink bombs, covering
   people in flour, soaking them with water, etc, etc. 

   Some times the jokes worked very well indeed. At others,
   they'd backfire spectacularly and Joker would wind up in
   the headmaster's office for a caning, or hed be chased
   out of town.

     Joker's original title panel...

   There was an interesting twist on his trickery whenever
   Miss Honey Potts featured in the strip. She was the curvy
   History Teacher so adored by Joker's classmates. When
   she was around, the class would unite against his pranks,
   so he'd be acting up on his own. Funny that. A growing lad
   preferring his tricks to a shapely woman... 

   Mind you, you'd never pull a lass in that orange jacket,
   would you...?

   It's often forgotten that, at the start of the 70s, Joker was
   the cover star of Knockout. The strip was one of the lucky
   few to be continued when the comic merged with Whizzer
   & Chips. Joker became an honourary Whizz-Kid and proved
   popular with the readership. So much so that, by the 80s,
   the colourful prankster had become a weekly cover star all
   over again - and impressed a whole new generation with
   his "luverly" orange blaser. And all this was happening
   alongside regular appearances on the cover of the Knockout
   annuals which Fleetway continued to produce until the
   mid-80s - seven star turns in all - and that's no joke!



  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:
  Knockout #1
  12th June 1971

  Also seen in:
  Whizzer & Chips

  Original artist:
  Sid Burgon

  Malcolm Morrison

  cover star:

  1974,1976, 1980,
  1981, 1983 - 85
  Whizzer & Chips


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