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British TV series
The Lampies - Captain Brightlight - copyright LP Productions

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    The Lampies    
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Red Balloo / Uli Meyer Studios
2D animation
52 x 11mins

   "If you start looking around, up high and deep underground,
    You will see light everywhere, but how does the light get there?"

    "Who keeps these lights so bright?"


   On every street corner in every town there's a lamp post, and in every lamp post
   you'll find the Lampies. The Lampies keep the world illuminated, come what may.
   That usually involves them preventing the evil Roons from getting their hands on the
   lamps and plunging the world into darkness...

   "The Lampies" series stars Captain Brightlight as the leader of the squad based
   in territory H032. Amongst his subordinates are the cute and feisty Livewire,
   Charge, Contact, Burnout and a lively pet called Dustywugg. Matronly Spotlight
   ensures everything is ticking over just-so, which is handy, because ultimately,
   the squad must answer to the top brass, in the form of the bombastic
   Brigadier Big Beam!

   During the course of the two series we get to discover much more about the world
   of the Lampies. We meet Brightlight's brother, Flashlight, also a baby called Pinspot.
   Then there's an episode with Bikey, who maintains bicycle lights, and another with
   Livewire's Uncle Longbeam who dwells in a lighthouse...

   The production is bright and lively, and there are lots of three-dimensional
   establishing shots, closing in on the various street lamps and environments.

     Livewire , Charge & Burn - copyright LP Productionsout  

   A Lampies Xmas single "Light Up the World for Christmas" was released in 2001 and
   it was closely followed by an album of songs inspired by the series. Alan Swinden
   was the main voice on the records. Alan also happens to be a prospering Funeral
   Director! There was also a Lampies touring stage show. It was produced and scripted
   by Stephen Gold and directed by Penny Hogan, and the plot involved the gang's
   attempt to protect a pop concert from the mischievous attentions of the Roons...

   "The Lampies" were created by Dave Bonner, who was formerly a policeman.
   When the show was commissioned he left his flat feet behind and fast-footed
   into the toon world with his production company, Red Balloo. Red Balloo followed
   up "The Lampies" with the stop-motion series Dr. Otter...

   In 2003, the series and characters were bought by a private investor,
   and they are now owned by LP Productions...

     Roons galore! - copyright LP Productions
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    In the news

    The Hound: December 2001
    News about that Lampies single...

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   Lampies Episodes

Series One 
Captain Who
Dustywugg: Space Marine
The Inspection
Flash By name
Birds Nest Oops
Bit of a Jam
Thunder and Frightening
Dick Static
Too Many Cooks
Tooth of the Matter
Chief Beef
Who Dares Whines
Dark and Stormy Night
Cyber Lampy
Return of Geoff 
And That's Magic
Shipmate Charge

Series Two
Save By the Bikey
The Boy Who Could See Lampies
Space Walk
Boogie Lights
Pump it up
Charge's Sausage Mole
Roon Goo Attack
HO32 Squadron
Bike Gone
Moth Magic
Football Roonigans
Lampies Unplugged
An Open and Shut Case
The Haunted Lamp
Lights on Legs
House Call
The Vacation
Watching Over Lois
Red Light at Night
The Goon Roon
All That Glitters
A Day at the Movies
Roon Alert
Bright Light in Love

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    The Lampies on DVD

     UK DVD
The Lampies: A Bit of a Jam and other Stories
                Region 2 / first thirteen episodes / Pinnacle Vision / May 2008

     UK DVD The Lampies: Switch On to The Lampies
                Region 2 / six episodes / Pinnacle Vision / April 2008
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   a David Bonner creation

    animation produced by Uli Meyer Entertainments
    technical direction by Spider Eye


executive producers:
overseas animation directors:

board assistants:

layout assistants:
key backgrounds:
prop design:
key animation poses:

colour stylist:
animation services:

3D environments:
final Compositing:

softimage modelling:
title sequence:
sound recording:
dubbing mixer:
track breakdown:


legal services:
secretarial services:
production runners:
production secretary:
production accountant:
production co-ordinator:
studio manager:
production manager:

Dean Roberts, Mark Marren
Morgan Francis
Theresa Plummer-Andrews, James Coldwell
David Bonner, Jimmy Hibbert
Andreas Von Andrian, Jean-Paul Vermeulen
Andreas Von Andrian, Mik Casey, Mark Marren,
Luc Chamberland, Dean Roberts, Tevor Ricketts,
David Stoten, Sharon Smith, Jean-Paul Vermeulen,
Tim Watts

Chris Drew, Hae Sook Park
Sean Burke, Alan Case, Lee Noble, Matt Noble,
Andy Price, Andy Roper
Javier Moratinos, Christian Roberton
Michael Hirsh, Ray Rankine
David McFall, Helga Elgison
Terry Bannon, Simon Clarke, Chris Drew,
Nicolette Van Gendt, Barry Hales, Paul Lee,
Paul McKeown, Elroy Simmons, Gerben Steenks,
Ian Wilkes
Selena D'Santos
Animasia UK Ltd, Animation Services Honk Kong Ltd.
@Spider Eye Services
Michael Faherty, Richard Ridout

Ben Weschke, Andy Tunrer, Paul Tarberer,
Chris D'Santos, Dave Griffiths
Paul McBride, Suzanne Slatcher
Simon Leech
Mag Masters
Mark Owen
Stuart Parmenter
Mark Edwards, Matt Saxton
 @Red Balloo Productions
Dennis Mullen, Trevor Shirlock, Michael Brown,
Ian Robertson
Tim Care, George Lyall,
Christine Close
Jason Kotey, Andres Puente
Vikki Lawes
Edmund Amarasinghe
Marianne Rousseau
Mark Farrington
Erica Darby
Morag Francis at Uli Meyer Studios, London
Jimmy Hibbert
Eve Karpf
Rob Rackstraw
Sue Sheridan


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      The official site for this sparking show...

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      They have their own blog, as well...

      MySpace: The Lampies
      And a MySpace page...

      Lampies Fans
      And - goodness - here they are on Facebook...

      Uli Meyer
      The series was animated by Uli Meyer Studios. They also
      developed Red Balloo's follow-up "Dr Otter" when it was still a
      2D affair...

      Digital Animators.
      This professional ezine article supplies the detail behind the show's

      Michael Hirsh
      Michael identifies two of his Lampies backgrounds for us,
      alongside others on his extensive CV....

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© Red Balloo production / Uli Meyer Studios / LP Productions / F2012