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  Whizzer & Chips characters and strips...

     Benny Bones
    Lazy Bones
Benny Bones was the laziest lad around. He was always 
    asleep or on the verge of falling asleep and simply couldn't
    be bothered to do anything at all. Turn your back for a
    second and he'd be off to La-La Land - out in the street,
    in class, in the shops - anywhere at all.

    Benny was a consistent annoyance to Mr and Mrs Bones 
    who must surely have been tempted to just move house
    and leave the snoozing loser to his own devices.

    Interesting how, in spite of Benny's constant lethargy,
    no one ever diagnosed narcoplepsy or Yuppy Flu. He
    wasn't lazy, darnit, he was ill!

      Catnap at large...

    Still, Lazy Bones seemed to be a popular Whiz-Kid. He even
    spawned a spin-off strip for his soggy moggy pal Catnap -
    conceived in a similar vein to Jim Davis' Garfield. That's a panel
    from his strip above. Below is a Lazy Bones sticker presented
    free with WhCh dated 14th November 1987 - in perfect condition,
    of course, because I was too lazy to stick it anywhere.

      Lazy Bones sticker..

    Benny Bones was originally drawn by Colin Whittock.
    When he got too lazy to continue the strip, Bob Hill took
    it on (just kidding!)....



  Lazy Bones
  Facts & Figures

  1st seen in:

  Whizzer & Chips

  Original artist:

  Colin Whittock

  Other artists:

  Bob Hill


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