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  Cor!! characters and strips...

    Little Geyser
    Little Geyser
   Without a doubt, this was the most bizarre strip ever to 
   grace a Fleetway comic...

   Little Geyser ("geezer", geddit?) was a small jet of water
   who skimmed around the environs of Cortown, through
   puddles, drains, canals - anything watery, really. All he
   wanted was a peaceful pool of water to wallow in, but he
   was constantly disturbed by the world around him and
   forced to move to a new locale...

   Wait, wait - hold up - a talking jet of water? - If that wasn't
   far-fetched enough, he was also able to shape himself to get
   out of trouble - into hoops, curves, etc - like Robert Patrick's
   metal Terminator, only twenty years earlier...
   Told you this was bizarre!

   Anyway, Little Geyser appeared in the earliest Cor!!
   comics. I've spied him in issues dating from April 1971
   But his appearances dried up after just a few short months.

   Er, are we surprised?



  Little Geyser
  Facts & Figures

  1st seen in:

  April 1971


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