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Toonhound presents...






British TV series

     Oscar's Orchestra


   producers: Collingwood O'Hare / FR3 / BBC
   animation: 2D animation
39 x 30min

"Welcome to a silent future, where the evil
     dictator Thadius Bent has banned music forever!"


    In the future music is banned. A cruel dictator called Thadius Vent is determined
    to silence all symphonies, harmonies, lullabies and melodies. But the muted
    instruments are fighting back via the tenacious leadership of a flying grand piano
    called Oscar and his walking, talking orchestra of friends...

    Oscar was actually discovered in Mr Crotchet's Curiosity Shop by Mr Crotchet's
    wiley daughter Rebecca. Amongst the recruitments to Oscar's Resistance
    Movement are Trevor the Tuba, Eric the Triangle, Sylvia the Flute and Monty
    the violin. They combine their musical talents to fight back againt Thadius
    and his henchmen Lucius and Tank...

     Mr Crotchet in "Oscar's Orchestra"   Thadius Bent in "Oscar's Orchestra"

    Based on an idea by Jan Younghusband, Oscar's Orchestra was designed to
    inspire children with the delights of classical music and incorporates famous
    orchestrated works from the great composers in each episode. Episode titles
    continue the theme. Hence we have the likes of "Oscar Cracks a Nut" and
"Bach to the Future". As animation director Tony Collingwood suggests
    in his Q&A here at Toonhound, banning something is often the best way to
    make it 'trendy'. Maybe banning classical music would make it hip for kids...?

    "Oscar's Orchestra" has an adult attraction too, in the form of the late great
    Dudley Moore. Dudley, of course, is latterly famous for his classical skills
    with the Grand Piano and is perfectly cast as the voice of Oscar...

» Oscar's "Wanted" poster features in the opening titles. Apparently
        there's a $100,000 reward on offer...

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     Series One
     The Battle Begins
     Bach to the Future
     The Flight of the Bumble-Bees
     Star Tours
     Battle on Ice
     The Four Seasons
     Oscar Cracks the Nut
     Star Crossed
     My Kingdom for a Tank
     Viva Espana
     Once Upon a Ragtime
     The Ring

     Series Three
     The Lost Chords
     Out of Tune
     Knight in Shining Armour
     Musical Exercise
     Raiders of the Lost Park
     Soothsayer’s Convention
     Water Music
     Return of Scheherazade
     Maestro Thadius
     Inside Job
     Lieder of the Pack
     The Toy Symphony
Series Two
Queen Sheba
Radio Oscar
Forty Thieves
Back to Bach
Carnival of the Animals
Black Keys
Hall of the Mountain King
Sleeping Beauty
A Fight at the Opera
Fangs but no Fangs
A Tale of Two Tales
Four of our Notes
World Tour


     Oscar's Orchestra on DVD

     UK DVD
Oscar's Orchestra - Vol 1
                Region 2 / thirteen episodes / WMV / October 2010  

     UK DVD
Oscar's Orchestra - Vol 2
                Region 2 / thirteen episodes / WMV / October 2010

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      a Warner Music Vision and Europe Images presentation

     based on an idea by Jan Younghusband

     director:      Tony Collingwood
     producer:    Christopher O'Hare
     music:         Jan Younghusband
     voices:        Dudley Moore (Oscar)
                       Colin McFarlane (Thadius Vent / Tank)
                       Elly Fairman (Rebecca)
                       Michael Kilgarriff (Mr Crotchet)
                       Murray Melvin (Lucius)
                       David de Keyser (narrator)
                       Rik Mayall (Young William Tell)

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       On the web     

       Collingwood O'Hare
       Oscar can be found at Collingwood O'Hare's web site...

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© Collingwood O'Hare /  based on an idea by Jan Younghusband / F2011