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Toonhound presents...






British TV series

    Paddington Bear

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  Paddington    (1975-1986)
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  producers: FilmFair
  animation: stop-motion animation

/ 30 x 5 mins       1979 / 26 x 5 mins

   1980 / 20min special

   1985 / 24min special

   1986 / 24min special


    Michael Bond's books about the little bear from Darkest Peru starred in this
    memorable tv adaptation from FilmFair, back in the 1970s. Paddington himself was
    a splendid 3D model interacting with distinct cut-out people and environments,
    presented predominantly in black and white, with limited dabs of colour. The very
    polite star of the show stowed away on a ship's lifeboat after his dear Aunt Lucy
    had to go into a home for retired bears. He was found at and named after Paddington
    Station by Mary and Henry Brown, who took him home with them to No. 32 Windsor
    Gardens. Paddington's chief antagonist was the Brown's rambunctious neighbour
    Mr Curry. He would also encounter the housekeeper Mrs Bird, and Mr Gruber a
    friendly antiques dealer. Paddington especially liked the company of Brown's
    children, daughter Judy and son Jonathon. Mr and Mrs Brown's first encounter
    with the bear is depicted in the very first episode, called "Please Look After
   This Bear".

    A splendidly gentle series this, embellished by the soothing narration of the
    late Sir Michael Hordern. The package captured much of the droll humour from
    the original books. From Paddington's perspective, everything he does makes
    complete sense, and such a polite little bear could never, ever do anything

    Er, could he...?


   Broadcast info

    The FilmFair series premiered on BBC1, at 5.30pm, on 5th January 1976

    There was actually a four year gap between the original series and its
    follow-up in 1979, which was topped off by Paddington's first extended
    special, "Paddington Goes to the Movies".

    For US broadcasts, five UK episodes were edited into a half-hour format, with
    each episode introduced by Oscar-winning performer Joel Grey ("Cabaret").
    This Americanized series premiered on PBS, April 13th 1981 and was
    subsequently nominated for an Emmy. On the back of this success
    two further
24minute specials were commissioned. "Paddington Goes
    to School" and "Paddington's Birthday Bonanza" were buffed up so
    that the backgrounds and 2D characters were now full colour. And the films
    featured additional cel animated titles, courtesy of Ian Sachs (The Blunders).
    They premiered on the Disney Channel in  America in 1985/1986...

    Paddington returned to TV yet again in 1989 in a new, 2D, all-American Hanna-
    Barbera production, most notable for featuring the voice of Tim Curry as - you
    guessed it - Mr Curry. And Paddington is just as popular as ever today, with that
    popularity aided and abetted by still another TV reincarnation, because in
    CINAR produced a 2D animated series which took our Marmalade-lover off around
    the world with Mr Gruber.

    For many, though, it's the original FilmFair version that was first and best....


    My name is Bond...

    Creator Michael Bond was a former BBC cameraman who turned to writing.
    Paddington himself came into being when his soon-to-be creator went looking
    for a Christmas present for his wife one Christmas Eve. He found a lonely looking
    bear sitting on a shop shelf and brought him on the spot. Soon after bringing
    him home, Bond and his wife christened the bear Paddington after the London
    station that was close to where they lived. 
    As well as discovering our favourite bear, Michael has also unearthed
    Sir Basil's magic garden, wherein dwells Parsley the Lion and The Herbs.
    These were also brought into animated life by Ivor Wood and FilmFair.


    Hats off...

    Well, who would have thought it. In the film special "Paddington Goes
    to School" our little bear puts on a brand new red hat to mark his arrival
    at St Luke's School...

     Padding Goes To School - in a RED hat

    And in Paddington's Birthday Bonanza, our favourite bear swops it
    for a yellow creation!...

     Paddington's Birthday Bonanza


    See also

    Paddington Goes to the Movies

    Paddington's Birthday Bonanza


     Paddington Books

     Over the years there have been numerous books about the little bear.
     Compilations, picture books and tie-in editions abound. But there were
     eleven original tales written by Michael Bond and illustrated by Peggy
     Fortnum. Here are the titles:
    1958 - A Bear Called Paddington
    1959 - More About Paddington
    1960 - Paddington Helps Out
    1961 - Paddington Abroad
    1962 - Paddington at Large
    1964 - Paddington Marches On
    1966 - Paddington at Work
    1968 - Paddington Goes to Town
    1970 - Paddington Takes the Air
    1974 - Paddington on Top
    1979 - Paddington Takes the Test

      "Paddington Here and Now" by Michael Bond

     But wait - Hold up! - You see, 2008 is Paddington's 50th anniversary,
     and to celebrate this milestone, Michael Bond has put pen to paper
     once more to bring us a 12th tale. Paddington Here and Now
    wa published in June...


     Awards & nominations

     1981 Emmy Award Nomination - Outstanding Children's Program
     1979 New York Film & Television Festival - Silver Award



    Please Look After This Bear            Padding Hits the jackpot
    A Bear in Hot Water                      Paddington Hits out
    Paddington Goes Underground         A Visit to the Hospital
    A Shopping Expedition                   Paddington Recommended
    Paddington and the Old Master       Fortune Telling
    A Spot of Decorating                    An Unexpected Party
    A Family Group                            Paddington in Court
    Paddington Makes a Bid                 Paddington Bakes a Cake
    Do-It-Yourself                             A Picnic on the River
    A Disappearing Trick                     Paddington's Patch
    Something Nasty in the Kitchen      In and Out of Trouble
    Trouble at the Launderette            Paddington at the Tower
    Paddington and                            A Visit to the Bank
    the Christmas Shopping                 Paddington Clears the Coach
Too Much Off the Top                   Picture Trouble
    A Visit to the Dentist                    Paddington in the Hot Seat
    Paddington Cleans Up                   Paddington Weighs In
    Trouble at No.32                          Paddington Takes a Snip
    Mr Curry Takes a Bath                  A Visit to the Theatre
    Paddington Turns Detective           Paddington Buys a Share
    Paddington and the Cold Snap        Trouble in the Bargain Basement
    Trouble at the Wax Works             Paddington in Touch
    Paddington Makes a Clean Sweep   Comings and Goings at No.32
    A Sticky Time                             Paddington Dines Out
    Paddington's Christmas


    In the news

    The Hound: Sept 2007

    Paddington loves Marmite now, and he's heading to the Big Screen...


    Current Promos/Tie-ins

   Paddington prints for sale at Lollipop Animation!

    Paddington prints

     Our friends at
Lollipop Animation are currently stocking a very fine
     selection of prints and canvasses from the FilmFair series...

     A Paddington Music Box!

     Paddington figures
     And Robert Harrop Designs have launched a terrific range of collectable
     figures, to tie in with that anniversary. Topping it off is a magnificent limited
     edition music box. Wind it up to hear Herbert Chapell's famous tune!

     You can buy the box and the figures from the friendly folks at
     Boojog Collectables...


     Paddington on DVD

     Fans will want to get their paws on the complete collection,
     featuring every episode of the show. It's available in two formats:

      Paddington Bear Deluxe Suitcase Set

     UK DVD The Complete Paddington Bear (Deluxe Suitcase Set)
                Region 2 / two discs / Abbey Home Media / October 2008

     UK DVD The Complete Paddington Bear (Regular)
                Region 2 / two discs / Abbey Home Media / June 2008

     But if all you want is a taster, then these individual releases
     will no doubt fit the bill:

     UK DVD Paddington Bear: Please Look After This Bear
                Region 2 / Abbey Home Media / February 2006

     UK DVD Paddington Bear: Too Much Off the Top
                Region 2 / Abbey Home Media / June 2006

     UK DVD Paddington Bear: Paddington Hits the Jackpot
                Region 2 / Abbey Home Media / January 2007

     UK DVD Santa's Favourites
                You'll also find "Paddington and the Christmas Shopping"
                and "Paddington's Christmas" on this seasonal compilation...


    series credits

    a FilmFair production
    adapted by Michael Bond from his books

    animation:   Ivor Wood
    producer:    Graham Clutterbuck
    music:         Herbert Chapell
    editor:         Chris Wright
    narrator:      Sir Michael Hordern


     On the web

Paddington Bear

     The official site for all-things Paddington related. And in amongst
     the expected kids activities and games is a handsome amount
     of historical detail, info on Michael Bond, the books and associated
     collectables. Nice to see the creation's heritage included in the
     package - unlike some other modern licenses we won't mention!...

     Abbey Home Media
     Abbey distribute the UK DVDs. They have their own web store too...

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