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British TV series

     The Perishers from FilmFair

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   The Perishers
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    producers: FilmFair for the BBC
2D animation
      episodes: 20 x 5mins


    "Perishin' kids!..."

    A teatime gem here, courtesy of FilmFair. Those perishin' youngsters Wellington,

    Maisie, Marlon, and Baby Grumplin and Boot the rakish sheepdog, jump off the
    pages of the "Daily Mirror" and into the living rooms of the nostalgia generation.
    The adaptation was shepherded on to the tv by the strip's creator Maurice Dodd,
    working closely with Bill Melendez' team, and as a result the spirit of the original
    is maintained.
The kids and their dogs go carting and camping, they visit the
    seaside, and go bouncing around wildly on bright green spacehoppers. And
    throughout they bicker and backbite in that brilliant mangled dialect that's
    part-cockney, part-hoity-toity, and utterly, beautifully

       That irascible sheepdog Boot

    There is one aspect that's been lost in the translation, and that's the social
    commentary. Likewise the politicking
Fred Beetle and Delinquent Caterpillar.
    But this is a teatime show for kids, after all. And it's a memorable one, with
    a clap-clapping, synthesized theme tune and a star turn from Leonard
    Rossiter as the voice of that wily, conniving old schemer Boot.

» Bill Melendez was previously responsible for bringing Snoopy and the
       "Peanuts" gang to life on our screens. His connection to both series
        continues the ongoing - and somewhat unfair - comparisons with that
        beloved American strip...

»  As for the Perishers strip, well, that ran in "The Daily Mirror" from 1957
        to 2006. The strip reached its natural conclusion in June of that year,
        six months after the death of its much-admired creator...


      Elephants ahoy!

     Perishin' politics

     The politics may have disappeared from the TV toon, but "The Perishers"
     still ruffles a few PC feathers, nowadays. Take a look at this detail from
     the very first episode "Magic Mirror". Boot can clearly be seen scarpering
     past an elephant foot waste bin/umbrella stand!

     Luckily for us, and the elephant, this unfortunate item is nowhere to be
     seen, come later episodes...


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     The Perishers (comic strip)

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     In the news

The Hound: June 2006
     The end of the Perishers...

     The Hound: January 2006
     The death of Maurice Dodd...


     Current promos/tie-ins

     A perishin' statue!

     In Spring 2007, Robert Harrop Designs launched this magnificent
     Perishers statue. Measuring approx 23cm x 12cm, the piece
     features Wellington, Maisie, Marlon, Baby Grumpling and that
     ever-reluctant dawg Boot. It's been restricted to just 750 perishin'
     editions worldwide...

» You can buy yours from the friendly folks at Boojog...

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Perishers episodes

     Magic Mirror
     In the Cart
     A Life From the Ocean Wave
     A-Camping We Will Go
     A Fool and his Money Aren't as Easily Parted as You Think
     Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Bath?
     How to Train the Family Dog
     The Ugly Duckling
     Spring Fever
     Look Before it Leaps
     The Skateboard Champion
     The Wheeling and Dealing
     She May or She May Not
     Noblesse Oblige
     The War Games
     Well Blow Me Down
     Bone Champions
     The Rehabilitation of BH (Calcutta) Failed
     The Eye Balls in the Sky
     The Inch-thick Ketchup Sandwich

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Broadcast info

     The series premiered on BBC1, 21st March 1979 at 5.35pm.
     The Beeb's scheduling had
"How to Train the Family Dog"
as the
      the first episode. Episodes screened on week-days, sometimes for
      two or three days in a row, but never in a consistent daily run.

      "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Bath?" brought the series to a
      conclusion, 4th May.


     The Perishers on DVD

     UK DVD 
The Perishers - Magic Mirror
                Region 2 / Tempo TV Classics / February 2006


     The perishers by Maurice Dodd
     a FilmFair presentation

     from the Daily Mirror cartoon strip
     by Maurice Dodd and Dennis Collins

     a Bill Melendez production

           Dick Horn
         Graeme Spurway
     exec producer:
 Graham Clutterbuck
              Maurice Dodd
             Trevor Evan Jones
    animation:        Geoff Loynes, Ron Murdoch,
                            Janet Nunn, Colin White   
    layout:              Gordon Harrison, Ted Pettengel  
    backgrounds:     Dean Spille  
    production:       Lucinda Ash, Tony Cooper
    checking:          Roland Carter, Caroline Neale
    Michael Hayes
           Gary Knowelden, Nick Boisson
            John Farrow
          Judy Bennet
                            Sheila Steafel
                            Peter Hawkins (BH the Bloodhound)
                            Leonard Rossiter (Boot)


      On the web

       The Authentic Perishers

       Run by the creators themselves, this splendid site gives you
       all the strip info and history you might need - plus you can buy
       the original strips!...    
Little Gems

       The Gems guide us through the TV series...

The Shadow Gallery

       Jean Rogers' thought-provoking page takes a most detailed
       look at strip...

       Tony's Trading

       This is great! - Tony presents a page of cover scans archiving every
       Perishers book and omnibus published over the years...

       Cartoon Art

       Operated by cartoonist Peter Longden, his online store includes
       several fine pieces from the pen and brush of Bill Melvin, including some
       beautiful Pippin pages and a page of original Perishers strips for you to
       buy - if your wallet's big enough...

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