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British TV series

     Pigeon Street


Pigeon Street   (1981)

     producers: David Yates for the BBC
cut-out animation
     episodes: 13 x 15mins

    "If you lived in Pigeon Street,
     Here are the people you could meet..."


     Pigeon Street is home to a bright, busy community of eccentric folks who
     are full of bustle and liveliness. There's Dr Glossop and Mrs Glossop and
     their children Gerald, Polly and Molly, Long Distance Clara the trucker, Hugo
     the cook, Mr Macadoo the pet shop owner, William the window cleaner and
     Betty and their son Jim, Mr Jupiter the astronomer and his dog Flash,
     Mr Baskerville and his hound called Watson who live at the top of Skyrise
     Court, dotty old Rose and Daisy, ballroom dancers Reg and Doreen, Mrs Patel,
     and last but by no means least, Bob who runs the bike shop and who also keeps
     pigeons - which lend the street its name.

     Pigeons aren't the only birds who around the street. The ducks of Swanlake
     Park also waddle in to view, on occasion - especially when it rains very hard
     and the street and the park are flooded.

      The residents of Pigeon Street
     This series is memorable to many "80's kids" because of its distinct character
     design and animation from Alan Rogers and Peter Lang of the Cut-Out Animation
     Co. They had worked with producer David Yates before, but Pigeon Street was
     their first official assignment under the new name. Alan Rogers' characters are
     pyramidal, almost, broadening out towards the feet and Peter Lang makes
     them shuffle through frame in that unique, Cut-out way. It's impossible to
     confuse their work with anyone else's...

     Trivia Hounds may note the name of Andre Jaquemin on the credits for "sound".
     Andre was actually the producer and composer for many of the recordings made
     by the Monty Python team over the years. He was also formerly a member
     of 80s chart act Modern Romance (remember "Best Years of Our Lives"?)
     and now operates Redwood Studios in London.

     Those credits are also noticeable for the name that's missing. The late
     Michael Cole, a close associate of David Yates, contributed ideas towards
     the concept and authored a number of tie-in storybooks. Michael Cole's most
     famous productions were BOD and Fingerbobs, which he created with his wife
Pigeon Street episodes

      All in a Day's Work              Somewhere to Eat
      A Light in the Sky               Down With the Car Park
      Pigeon at Sea                    The Flood
      Can I Have My Ball Back?     Hobbies
      Noisy Neighbours                Springtime For Hugo
      Pigeon Post                       Getting Away
      A Cold Day

Broadcast info

      The series premiered with "All in a Day's Work", which aired
      on BBC1, 10th February 1981, at 1.45pm.

      The BBC initially screened eight episodes, taking us to 31st March.
      These were rerun from late September, and episodes nine to thirteen
      tagged on to the run. Thus episode nine "Down with the Car Park"
19th November, with the rest following each week
      until the series ended, on 17th December 1981.


     a David Yates production

 David Yates, Alan Rogers
     design:        Alan Rogers
     animation:   Peter Lang
     music:         Benni Lees
                       performed by Soulyard
     sound:        Andre Jaquemin, Peter Hodges
     editor:        Grahame Scoular
     voices:       George Layton
                       John Telfer


      On the web

      Cal's unofficial site is a very tidy place for info, grabs, and details on
      the production and its associated memorabillia...

      Little Gems
      Here's a big image-packed scrolling page about the show,
      with some splendid theme WAVs to get you humming...

      The Cut-Out Animation Co.
      Alan Rogers and Peter Lang's official site detailing their extraodinary
      CV, history, techniques and contact details...

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