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  Krazy characters and strips...
      Pongo logo Pongo Snodgrass
Pongo Snodgrass began his Krazy life as a cameo
   character in Krazy Comic's Krazy Gang strips, but his fetid,
   stench-drenched personality was just too ripe and too darned
   popular to stay there long. So he got his own strip.

   Pongalongapongo takes its title cue from the popular
   tv variety show "Singalongamax" starring that old crooner
   Max Bygraves. The strip allowed Pongo to wallow in his
   curdled glory and concoct horrid recipes, and tricks which
   he played on various unwitting souls. He also meted out
   handy tips and recipes to readers, help get them get the
   most out of their rotten foolery.

   Of course, everything would always go drastically wrong and
   each week we'd find Pongo covered in curdled milk, putrid
   fruit or some other ghastly ingredient. Not that it bothered
   the lad in the slightest!

   Pongo's very first appearance is in Krazy #1where we find him
   lurking outside the Krazy Gang's hut. He takes great pleasure
   in introducing himself as the Krazy Town sneak and spoilsport.
   He says that the gang won't let him join them because he
   doesn't wash and he's rotten - and then he gets flattened by
   the hut door as the gang stampedes out...

     Big Game Pongo - courtesy of Trevor Metcalfe...
   An interesting discovery in Krazy #2 is Pongo's unwelcome
   appearance in the Big Game Hunter strip - His rotten games
   are the catalyst for the tale which leads to life-size Snakes &
   Ladders. It's interesting to see the "clash" of styles between
   Ian Knox's original Pongo and this one-off version from Trevor
   Metcalfe (that's him in the BGH strip, above).

   Naturally, Pongo went on to feature in the Krazy Annuals.
   He also starred in two Whizzer & Chips annuals a couple of
   years after the Krazy merger and, later still, several strips
   were reprinted in the BIG Comic annuals too. His strip titles
   changed to Pongo Snodgrass, and just plain old Pongo,
   but the character himself remained just the stinkin' same
   throughout ...



  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Krazy Comic #1
  16th Oct 1976

  Also seen in:

  Whizzer & Chips
  Annual 1981, 1982
  BIG Comic Annual
  1992 - 1994

  Original artist:

  Ian Knox


  Other artists:

  Bob Hill

Psst! - Pongo's got a secret...

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