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 Pete's Pop-up Book
    Pete's Pop-up Book
 Pete's pop-up book popped up perfect people and products
   to prize him out of problems and predicaments...

   Actually, tongue-twisters apart, that's exactly what it did.
   If Pete or a friend needed help, if he wanted to impress
   someone or sort out a bully or associate, he'd simply open
   up his magic book and out would pop a superhero, or an air
   balloon, or a spy, or even a pirate galleon - nothing was
   too big, too small or too exotic to "pop-up" from
   Pete's tome...

     Pete gets his popup book...

   That's Pete above acquiring his fantastic work of fiction.
   He was feeling a little gloomy because he couldn't see over
   the fence of the local cricket ground to catch a glimpse
   of the Test Match. Cue the arrival of that wily old man
   with his batch of books. Pete uses them as a stand but
   he still can't see over the fence, until the top book pops
   open to reveal a "pop-up" Dracula figure...

   Pete's pop-ups played havoc with the family home. His Mum,
   Dad and big sister were often at the receiving end of a pop-up
   performance. The pop-ups also played havoc with his love life,
   because Pete had a soft spot for Lovely Linda - or was that
   Lovely Lucinda. Pete namechecked them both in different
   strips, and Lucinda and Linda looked remarkably similar,
   maybe they were twin sisters?

    Pete pops up a pony for Lovely Lucinda...

   Pete "popped-up" some remarkable things during his run.
   It makes you wonder just what, exactly, that book was about.
   It must have been akin to an entire Encyclopedia Britannica!

   The strip was drawn throughout its Fleetway days by the
   equally-remarkable Terry Bave. After Nipper comic joined
   Buster in September 1987 the strip became bi-weekly,
   so we saw less of Pete, but no less of Mr Bave because
   he was also drawing Good Guy, Mighty Mouth, and Double
   Trouble each week, plus Odd Ball, Toy Boy and Sammy
Shrink over in Whizzer & Chips - pop-tastic!



  Pete's Pop-up
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  6th July 1985


  1st Oct 1988

  Original artist:

  Terry Bave


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