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British Movie Toons

     The Snow Queen

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   The Snow Queen
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   producers: Martin Gates / Carrington Prods
2D animation
      run time: 76 mins


    "It will get cold...
Very, very cold...
     It will freeze over, and then it will be mine!"


    From her ice palace, high in the mountains, the Snow Queen has perfected a
    dastardly plan. With the aid of a magical mirror, she will deflect the sun's rays
    away from the Earth, plunging the world into a perpetual Winter, and allowing
    her to take control. It's a foolproof notion, but alas, it's put into place by three
    foolhardy minions. The trolls, Eric, Baggy and Wardrobe bungle their task,
    shattering the mirror and scattering fragments across the kingdom.

    This being glass from an evil mirror, it's best avoided. But two of the fragments
    strike young Tom. He gets glass in his eye and his heart before he's snared by
    the Queen, who's desperate to retrieve every last sliver and thus revive
    her chilling plan. Now Tom has been employed on the queen's giant jigsaw
    puzzle and his life is ebbing away. He's poisoned with malice and discontent,
    and won't last long unless his sister, Ellie, can rescue him...
     Eric, Wardrobe and Baggy - the Snow Queen's trolls   Ellie is concerned...
    Martin Gates' film is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairytale,
    and the icy heart of the story is still here. Everything else has been resculpted.
    Characters have had name changes and scenarios have been tweaked. Kay
    and Gelda are now Tom and Ellie. Where Andersen has friendly sparrows,
    Gates brings us a specific sparrow sidekick called Peeps. The Old Woman
    who tries to snare Ellie is now seeking her heart for an elixir of life.
    The forest crows are now man-sized servant crows Les and Ivy and the
    band of robbers have been transformed into anthropomorphic rats, led by a
    scrawny Robber King. Freda is present and correct with her flying reindeer,
    only now, Ellie takes a shine to a clumsy young buck called Dimly...
    This is a kitchen sink of a film, which throws everything it can in to the
    animation pot. It sports a topnotch voice cast. The trolls work well together,
    and Helen Mirren adds some regal chilliness to the Queen. Julia McKenzie
    is also on good cackling form as the Old Woman. Ellie is lead through a
    succession of cartoon encounters en route to the palace, and the film
    tumbles along for just over an hour, giving us some songs, a bit of buffoonery,
    and a little too much coincidence on the way to ensure that Tom is rescued
    in time, and the door left open for an icy sequel. And indeed, "The Snow
    Queen's Revenge" was unleashed soon afterwards...


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    The Snow Queen's Revenge


     The Snow Queen on DVD

     UK DVD The Snow Queen

                Region 2 / 4 Front / November 2004

     USA DVD The Snow Queen
                Region 1 / Warner Video / March 2004


     a Martin Gates production
     in association with Carrington Productions Intl

      exec prods:  
      songs & music:

      character design 
       & th'nail story:


      assistant dirs:  
      key animators:  

      background des:
      assistant anim: 
      animation check:
      xerox & trace: 
      colour style:
      ink & paint:
      paint check:
      prod control:
      prod facilities:
      managing dir:
      head of prod:

      dialogue & song
       vocals recording

      foley artists:
      dubbing editors:
      dubbing mix:
      neg cutting:
      video facilities

      telecine grader: 
      video editor:
      film editors:
      prod assistants:
      prod secretary:
      prod co-ord:
      prod manager:
      art dir & timing:
      edit & story

      line producer:
Martin Gates
Martin Gates

Craig Hemmings, Tom Parkhouse

written and composed by Chris Caswell 
music arranged & conducted by Doug Walter
music recorded & mixed by Toby Alington

Sue Radley, Martin Gates
inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen story

Bruce McNally

Richard Fawdry, Dennis Hunt
Mick de Falco, Jane Barnett

Salve Abo, Dino Cordero, Ray Dagson,

Jun Fernandez, Andy Flores, Boyet Gopez,
Vladi Naval, Benny Quilatan, Ches Reyes,

Ronnie Somala, Lito Soltura

Paul Shardlow
Ruben Rumanban

Kinjo Estioko

Alan Countsman
Narelle Nixon
Henry Pinchet

Elisa Keys
Toby Barett

Flora Markson

Barbara Bago

Frank Eagles
Ellen Moran

Moving Images International

Jimmy Costello

Louie Jhocson

Ian Green

Ben Leeves
John Fewell, Julie Ankerson
Kevin Brazier, Alan Sallabank
David Humphries
sound re-recorded at DB Post Production

Mike Fraser

Simon Hill
Alan Bishop

Neville Donoghue

David Hillier, Jerry Tinsay

Emma MacGregor, Samantha Warden,

Charlotte Simpson-Orlebar

Sarah Absalom
Robert Dunbar
Stuart Lock
Gordon Harrison
Barry Macey

Sue Radley
Marion Edwards
Ellie Beaven (Ellie)
Damian Hunt (Tom)
Helen Mirren (Snow Queen)
Sylphide Strallen (Polly)
Hugh Laurie (Peeps)
David Jason (Eric)
Russell Floyd (Wardrobe)
Baggy (Colin Marsh)
Julia McKenzie (The Old Lady / Freda)
Imelda Staunton (Ivy / Angorra)
Richard Tate (Les)
Scarlett Strallen (Princess)
Rowan D'Albert (Prince) 
Rik Mayall (Robber King)
Gary Martin (Dimly)


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       The Snow Queen 

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