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British Movie Toons

     The Snow Queen's Revenge

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   The Snow Queen's
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   producers: Martin Gates / Carrington Prods
2D animation
      run time: 64 mins

    "Just in case you've forgotten,
     I'm the Queen of Cold!


    A sequel to "The Snow Queen", this follow-up film commences mere moments
    after the climax of its
predecessor. It opens with a useful recap of events,
    courtesy of Peeps the sparrow, as we replay the return of Ellie and Tom to
    their Alpine home. When we last saw her, the Snow Queen was encased tip
    to toe in ice, thanks to Ellie and her pals. But it doesn't take long for her to be
    set free and scheme revenge upon the girl who thwarted her. The Queen snares
    Ellie's friend, Dimly the flying reindeer, and makes tracks for her palace at the
    South Pole, with her Trolls - Eric, Wardrobe and Baggy - along for the ride.  
    Dimly will serve as a useful lure as she perfects her next diabolical plan.

    Ellie takes the bait, and with her Peeps in accompaniment, she sets off in pursuit.
    They get help from Brenda the befuddled Wallibird, who allows them to fly on her
    back due south, but a bunch of porcine restaurateurs, and an encounter with the
    nefarious pilots of the SS Quagmire threaten to derail their rescue attempt.
    The grand finale involves the Snow Queen's nasty Ice-osaurus, lots of freeze
    rays and an erupting volcano. Dimly is saved, and all our heroes and minions
    duly escape. But the Queen isn't so lucky, as she finds herself entombed in
    molten lava...

     The Trolls urge "Cooperation"   Dimly's not so sure...

    This new adventure is a world away from its source material (or should
    that be hemisphere?). The story jettisons any traditional fairy tale elements
    in favour of its knockabout antics and acrobatics. And where the first film
    was a kitchen sink production, this time, even that goes into the animation
    pot, so keen are the producers to give us a good time. The Snow Queen
    had three mixed-up minions before. Now Eric, Wardrobe and Baggy are
    joined by two penguin char ladies, Pearl and Elspeth. The action flits between
    happenings at the Pole, and Ellie's journey south, which takes us away from
    the snowy wastes of the previous film, into woods, deserts and oceanscapes.
    And this time there's a parade of new songs. One for every plot twist, in fact.
    Two stand out from the crowd. The Trolls strut nimbly through their
    "Cooperation" song, and the Snow Queen's moment in the spotlight,
    singing "The Queen of Cold", is really rather good indeed ("I'll come to call...
    And snow will fall... Like shivers down your spine!").

    Of course, it helps when you've got stage star Julia McKenzie voicing your
    villain, for she has taken over from Helen Mirren in the title role. Similarly,
    Tim Healy voices Eric, who was previously vocalized by David Jason.
    Everyone else returns to their roles. But Ellie's brother Tom is the exception,
    being confined to bed off screen, and unheard throughout. Ellie tells us he's
    been left exhausted by the previous adventure. And we viewers are left
    somewhat exhausted ourselves, having had to endure one too many
    coincidences in the new plot. The first film had its fair share, but this
    sequel wields its Get Out of Jail Free card quite shamelessly. Still, the
    production looks splendid, and the story bustles along unabashed for a
    little over an hour. At the end, the film suggests the Snow Queen may
    return for a third slice of villainy. But a decade has now passed, and her
    molten cage appears to be rock solid...


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     The Snow Queen on DVD

     UK DVD 
The Snow Queen's Revenge
                 Region 2 / 4 Front / November 2004


     a Martin Gates production
     in association with Carrington Productions Intl

     exec prods:  
     dir of animation:
     songs & score:


      original character
      character dev:

      b'ground design:
      colour stylist:
      digital pre-prod:
      model pack co-ord:
      animation prod
      Fil producer:
      Fil prod manager:
      key animators:

      fx animation:
      animation check:
      colour styling:
      xerox ink & paint:
      asst prod man:
      assoc anim dir:
      dialogue & song
      vocals rec eng:
      foley artists:
      dubbing editors:
     dubbing mix:
     neg cutting:

      film editor:
      asst to the prod:
      prod asst:
      prod accountant:
      orchestra prod
      prod co-ord:
      prod manager:
      art director:
      edit & story sup:
Martin Gates
Martin Gates

Craig Hemmings, Tom Parkhouse

Chris Randall
Chris Caswell 
music conducted by Doug Walter
recorded and mixed by Toby Alington
orchetra manager Ian Green
Sue Radley, Martin Gates

Bruce McNally, Barry Macey
Paul Stone, Alan Case, Leilla Marr,
Ricky Yoengco,  Rowena Marella-Daw
Michael Jupp, Jackie Harper
Marie Turner
Brian Jackson
Samantha Warden
Chris Cuddington

Fil-Cartoons, Inc.
Bill Dennis
Cathy Peza
Thor Mangila
Rex Avila
Juvie Amistoso, Phat Ejercitado, Nelson Caligula,
Eric Duano, Abe Legaspi, Manny Plantilla,
Rhem Valencia, Manny Pascual, Manny Magsaysay,
Lorna Sun
Butch Orosa
Nary Jamlig
Lean Lagonera
Ali Liaje
Anmdy Linan, Nesty Erni
Ellen Santiago
Grace Youngco, Peter Gentle, Dong Bagos
Teddy Rodriguez, Dick Tingzon, Narelle Nixon
Chris Chuidian
Doris Quemado
Achisu So

Ben Leeves
John Fewell, Julie Ankerson
Kevin Brazier, Alan Sallabank
David Humphries
sound re-recorded at DB Post Production

Mike Fraser

David Hillier
Emma MacGregor
Charlotte Simpson-Orlebar
Sarah Absalom

Ellen Morano
Robert Dunbar
Stuart Lock
Gordon Harrison, David Elvin, Chris Randall
Barry Macey
Sue Radley
Julia McKenzie (The Snow Queen / Freda / The Proprietor)
Patrick Barlow
Ellie Beaven (Ellie)
Tim Healy (Eric)
Russell Floyd (Wardobe)
Colin Marsh (Baggy)
Hugh Laurie (Peeps)
Gary Martin (Dimly)
Elizabeth Spriggs (Brenda)
Imelda Staunton (Elspeth / Rowena)
Alison Steadman (Pearl)


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