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     Sammy Shrink     A Sammy Shrink sticker - from Whizzer & Chips
    Sammy Shrink
A modern Tom Thumb, Sammy Shrink was a tiny lad
    just 6 inches high. And being tiny meant that he would
    get into lots of scrapes and encounters with the bigger
    badder world at large. Poor Sammy was often subjected
    to merciless bullying by the bigger lads around town -
    like Bully Bates and Bully Bloggs - and he frequently
    found himself trapped inside post boxes and postbags,
    which must have driven the Royal Mail crazy.

    Needless to say whatever scrape he ended up in,
    Sammy used his own tiny methods of reprisal and
    his smallness always won the day...

    Sammy was actually an Odham's comic star from the 60's.
    He first appeared in the pages of  WHAM!, before moving to
    POW! and SMASH!, as the titles merged. His first Fleetway
    appearance was via a reprint strip in the Knockout Annual,
    from 1973. And from there, he entered the comic's weekly
    line-up until it merged with  Whizzer & Chips. Sammy soon
    became a star Whiz-Kid, and he stayed there right up to
    the demise of the title...

    Sammy's condition was puzzling. There was the suggestion
    his smallness was hereditary - his Grandfather having been
    rather small too. Then again, later in the run of Whizzer
    & Chips it was suggested that Sammy might be able to
    shrink at willl - much like Lenny in Jackpot's Little and
    Large Lenny...?

    What is indisputable, however, is that Sammy was a
    tall toon star...



  Sammy Shrink
  Facts & Figures


  Annual 1973

  Also seen in:

  Whizzer & Chips

  Original artist:

  Dave Jenner

  Terry Bave

  Often quoted:

  "I'm the smallest
  boy in the world!"



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