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  Short British Films &  TV Specials

     Bob the Builder: Scrambler to the Rescue - copyright HIT Entertainment

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Bob the Builder:
  to the Rescue

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producers:  HOT Animation
                        for HIT Entertainment
     animation:  stop-motion animation
        run time:  24mins

   "The first Winter in Sunflower Valley,
    The first snowfall of the year..."


    Winter is on its way to Sunflower Valley, and with it, the propsect of the very
    first Sunflower Valley Winter Party. Everyone's naturally excited. The pickers
    are composing a special song for the event. And better still, Bob is
    announcing his plans to build a brand new concert and exhibition hall in which
    the party will be staged. Best of all, though, is the news that Bob's Mum
    and Dad - Robert and Dot - are going to attend.
    So everyone's happy, except for poor old Scrambler. He's so very keen to
    help in some way, only, there's nothing for him to help with. The machines can
    lay the hall's foundations on their own, and Bob and Wendy are more than
    capable when it comes to building the walls...


    Back in town, Bob's parents are getting just as worked up. Scoop's been
    visiting them, and so he's there when Robert unveils R.Vee his amazing old
    building van. Robert's been restoring him in secret, and he suspects Bob
    will be very pleased when he turns up at the party. He's not seen this chap
    since he was a little boy!

    So Mum and Dad are on their way to the Valley, with a plan to call in on
    a good friend, Monty Nicholson, the toymaker. And in the Valley itself, the
    building work is coming on a treat... Only... What's this?... It's starting to
    snow!... That's something they could without...

    It snows all night, as it happens. It traps Mum, Dad, Scoop and R.Vee at
    Monty's house, but worse still, it threatens both the building work and the
    party. Bob has a plow attatchment which Scoop can use to clear the road,
    but he's stuck in the hills and they'll need help to get it over to him...

    Hmm. Could it be Scrambler's time to shine?

    As it happens, not quite. You see, Bob thinks Scrambler is too inexperienced
    for the job, so he gets on the phone to his old friend Jana, and pretty soon,
    Zoomer the skibogan is being airlifted to the scene. Except - well - Zoomer
    doesn't know the way to Monty's house... But someboday else does...
    Somebody shiny and blue and ready to scram-scram-scram where ever
    they want....

    So here we are again with another Bob the Builder special. This is the
    seventh such film, would you believe. But HOT Animation and HIT
    Entertainment aren't resting on their laurels. Once more, they've presented
    us with a film of the very highest quality. The people and sets are
    immaculately dressed and the character work is first class. Scrambler
    and Zoomer undertake a lesson in teamwork that has them falling out
    en route to Monty's house before they learn to accomodate each other's
    special skills...

    Okay, so it must be said, this film doesn't break any new ground. We don't
    get any flashbacks or dream sequences this time around. There's no soap
    plotting to overcome either. Oh, and the snowy environment has been done
    before too (here and here). But even so, there's something so pleasurable
    about Bob's busy world. It's always a joy to visit. It's the little details that
    continue to grab you - like Mayor Bentley, blowing on his fingers to get
    them warm - like Bob sporting that miniature harness as he clambers
    around his roof joists... There's so much love and care, in every frame
    of film...

» So Zoomer is flown in by helicopter.. only... we don't actually see the
        chopper on screen. Instead, we see the effects of its rotors as it
        blows the snow around Bob and the gang, and Zoomer is lowered
        into frame...

» Ah. Speaking of helicopters. There's a big hole in the plot, right there.
        Why couldn't that selfsame helicopter simply airlift the plow attatchment
        over to Monty's house?

» And just to confirm, this film serves as the debut for "amazing" R.Vee...


    It's Terence the Crocodile! (far right)

    Monty's toys

    Monty Nicholson's a busy, booming chap. Busy, because he's got a
    workshop filled with his toy creations. Booming, because he has a big
    blustering way about him...

    Anyway, we're not here to talk about the man. Oh no. We want to show
    off his toys. You see, there are at least four HIT-tastic surprises on
    his shelves. When you're watching the film, as Robert and Dot tour
    the workshop, see if you can find the following:

    • Terence the crocodile from Rubbadubbers!

    • A Thomas the Tank Engine lookalike!

    • A train resembling James the Red Engine, still in his packaging!

    • And better still, a Bob the Builder plush toy!

    Broadcast info
The film actually made its UK debut on DVD. It was released
    on 5th November 2007....


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     Bob's Big DVD

     UK DVD
Bob the Builder - Scrambler to the Rescue
                Region 2 / film + three tv episodes / HIT / Nov 2007


    a HOT Animation production
    for HIT Entertainment Ltd

director:                      Liz Whitaker, Brian Little
    creative producer:        Liz Whitaker
   producer:                     Jackie Cockle
    exec prod for HIT:         Christopher Skala
    writers:                        Laura Beaumont, Paul Larson

                                                 with addditional material for
                                                 story contribution from
                                                 Justin Exley and Geoff Walker

    associate producer:      Melissa Rogers
    originator:                    Keith Chapman
    original music:              Keith Hopwood
    title & credit
     music & lyrics:
             Paul K Joyce
    vocals:                         Neil Morrissey
    animators:                   Inge Van Wijngaarden, Jacky Howson,
                                       Jud Walton, George Laban,
                                       Sarah Pereira, Kim Emson,
                                       John Chorlton, Felix Pereira,
                                       Justin Exley, Merike van der Vijver
    puppets & machines:     Mackinnon and Saunders Ltd
    puppet co-ord for HOT:  Leigh Manning
    puppet maintenance:    Kristian Burdsall

    design:                        Curtis Jobling

    sets:                            The As and When Men

    costumes:                    Geraldine Corrigan, Karen Betty

    snr art director:            Sam Babrovskie
    set design
    & art direction:             Barbara Biddulph, Richard Edmunds
    asst to the 
     art directors:
               John Price, Hilary Utting,
                                       Michele Pouncey
    props & set dressing:    Jonathan Kershaw, Stewart Hutcheon,
                                       James Taylor, Tony Morris
     Les Eaves
    snr d.o.p:                     Iain Karim
    lighting camera:           Dan Beckett
     studio manager:
           Paul Jones
    editor:                         Zyggy Markiewicz
    dubbing editors:           Sarah Faust, Catherine Le Cocq,
                                       Victoria Lyon Dean
    dubbing mixer:             Paul Harrison
    On Line:                       422 Manchester
    head of global
     production for HIT:
        Karen Davidsen

    prod manager for HIT:   Laura Dimaio

    prod asst for HIT:          Jo Aslett
    co-ordinator for HOT:    Helen Brown
    prod asst/continuity:    Terry Bane
    script editor:                Sam Barlow
    voices:                        Neil Morrissey
                                       Rob Rackstraw
                                       Kate Harbour
                                       Richard Briers
                                       June Whitfield
                                       Rupert Degas


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