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  Short British Films &  TV Specials  

       Second Star To The Left

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Second Star
  to the Left

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producers: Silver Fox Films / Entertainment
                     Rights  for the BBC

   animation: 2D animation
      run time:
29 mins


"There must be something else, Duke - There must be!"

    There has to be more to life than simply sitting in your cage all day, eating and
    sleeping the hours away with ne'er a care in the world. Archie the rabbit wants
    some excitement to brighten up his shed-bound existence and it finally comes
    on Christmas Eve, in the form of a present dropped by Father Christmas.
    It's addressed to a little girl called Polly, and its sudden appearance is an
    inspiration to the rabbit. Archie enlists the help of his friends Duke the
    guinea pig and Babs the clever hamster and with the additional aid of a
    helpful Snowman and some splendidly dexterous pigeons, the trio attempt
    to deliver Santa's present to its rightful recipient in the nearby village, in
    time for Christmas morning...

    Archie counting stars...   Babs out of time...

   "Second Star" twists its title from J M Barrie's "Peter Pan" (of course). In that
    classic tale we learn that Neverland can be found by flying "second star to
   the right and straight on till morning.
" The film is very cute, with appealing
   character designs and attractive backgrounds, and the trio making up the main
   voice cast do an excellent job with their characterizations. It's similar in style
   to The First Snow of Winter, Silver Fox Films' previous award-winning special,
   only here we get multi-skilled pigeons instead of riverdancing sheep!

» Now here's a sneaky discovery for toon fans: Archie, Duke and Babs
      near the end of their adventure in Polly's bedroom where, if you look
      closely, you'll spy two old Silver Fox favourites perched upon her
      toy shelf, in the form of Annie and Teddy, otherwise known as
      "The Forgotten Toys".
    Annie and Teddy - 'forgotten' no more!


     Broadcast info

     "Second Star to the Left" premiered on BBC1 on Christmas Eve,
     24th December 2001, at 1.22pm.


     Second Star on DVD

     USA DVD Second Star to the Left: A Christmas Tale
                Region 1 / MGM / October 2003


created and directed by Graham Ralph

Jackie Edwards
Jimmy Hibbert
      line producer:     
Helen Cohen
      principal anim:   
Mark Mason, Laurent Grisel,
                             Ramon Modiano, Odile Comon,
                             Tanya Fenton, Les Gibbard,
                             Paul Stone, Barry Hales
Mark Sayer-Wade and Tolga Kashif
                            for The Music Sculptors
                            "You Can Be a Hero"
                            sung by Becky Taylor
     voices:             Hugh Laurie (Archie)
                            Mark Williams (Duke)
                            Barbara Windsor
                            Becky Taylor
                            Henry Cherrytree


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      productions and projects...

      Mark Mason 
      Mark has his own site with info on his series credits with
      and without Silver Fox...

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