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  Whizzer & Chips characters and strips...

     Sid's Snake
    Sid's Snake
 Sid was a normal everyday lad. But Slippy wasn't a normal
    snake, no sir. For starters, this black orange and yellow
    slitherer could think aloud in great big think bubbles.
    But more importantly, he could transform himself into
    inumerable useful shapes, like some kind of malleable
    roll of plasticene. Handy, eh?

      SidSlippy Snake

    Sid and Slippy had star billing in the Whizzer section
    of Whizzer & Chips. Theirs was actually the front cover strip
    until the mid-80s, when Joker took the crown. Sid himself
    was leader of the so-called Whizz-Kids, and he'd pop up
    regularly on the editorial pages to sound-off against their
    great rivals, the Chip-Ites from the Chips comic section.

    As the years went by, the rivallry between these two camps
    was built to new heights. We even had a Whiz-Kids Vs
    Chip-Ites strip!

    Sid and Slippy held particular animosity towards the
    Chip-Ite leader Shiner, and this was carried through to
    the Whizzer & Chips Annuals and Specials. Most sported
    glorious full-colour covers, with Sid, Slippy and Shiner
    sparring - in Wintery locales for the Annuals, or seaside
    haunts for the Holiday Specials.

    So bearing all that info in mind, how does it feel to hear
    that Sid initially had a foot in his rivals' camp? You see,
    when Whizzer & Chips first launched in October 1969,
    Shiner wasn't around, and Sid and Slippy were the star
    strips in the Chips section!

    Like Shiner with big black eye, that image (top) of smiling
    Sid and his curvy pal is - pure and simply - a Fleetway
    fun comic classic...



  Sid's Snake
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  & Chips #1
  24th Oct 1969

  Claim to Fame:

  Whizz-Kid leader

  Original artist:

  Mike Lacey

  Other artists:

  Jimmy Hansen


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