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British TV series

The Adventures of Spot

   Eric Hill's
  (1987 - 2001)

King Rollo Films Ltd
cel animation / 2D animation
    1987 / 26 x 5mins

    1995 / 8 x 15mins

    1995 / 1 x 26mins

    1997 / 1 x 26mins
    2001 / 13 x 5mins

 "Spot... Spot... Lovable Spot...
    He's soft and cuddly and he smiles a lot..
    If there ever was a pup to cheer you up, it's Spot.. Spot.. Spot!" 

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    As the title song says, Spot is a lovable puppy dog. He plays happy puppy games
    in and around his home with his mum Sally, dad Sam, sister Susie and the other
    animals and critters who inhabit the building and evirons. In Spot's world there are
    lions lurking under the stairs, and crocodiles under the bed. Not scarey ones though,
    because Spot's world is a friendly frolicking place where no harm could come to
    anyone, and the biggest concern is simply getting back to your parents in time
    for tea...

    The animals in the series include a hippo called Helen, a crocodile called Tom,
    and a monkey called Steve.

    These series are based on the extremely popular picture books by author and
    artist Eric Hill, and you can't see the join. Spot and his friends move against plain
    white backdrops, occasionally sprinkled with individual objects, apparell and
    building elements like doors and stairs. Spot's games are accompanied by
    sparse and effective little musical tunes, usually played on a flute or piccolo.
    The end result is a series of perfect animated picture books.
    King Rollo Films came to being on the back of Mr Benn, the classic animated
    series created by David McKee and his team.

    As for Eric Hill, well, he was a former advertising artist who created Spot for the
    amusement of his young son Christopher, and he later put him in a series of tales
    where readers would lift the flaps to find the answers to problems, connundrums,
    and games. "Where's Spot?" was published in 1980, and the rest is history.
     Spot, Sally and Sam in "The Adventures of Spot"  - Eric Hill / King Rollo Films
   "What I had created was a puppy
    who is reflecting the life of a young
    child at home..."

         - Eric Hill in "The Guardian" March 2010

    The original "Adventures of Spot" series was broadcast in 1987 and the 26
    episodes were narrated by Paul Nicholas. In the 1990s the puppy returned in
    two new specials and an educational series. It's interesting to note that the
    special, "Spot's Magical Christmas" featured an extended voice cast.
    Most recently, we have had a series of 13 sing-along song-filled "Musical
    Adventures" produced in conjunction with Penguin Books and Disney.
    These toons now replace Paul Nicholas with the multi-voiced talents of
    Jane Horrocks...

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    Episode titles

    The Adventures of Spot        The Adventures of Spot
    Series 1                              Series 2
    Spot's Surprise Parcel             Spot Goes to the Farm
    Spot's Lost Bone                    Spot Stays Overnight
    Spot's First Walk                    Spot Makes a Cake
    Spot in the Woods                 Spot Goes to the Park
    Spot's Birthday Present           Spot Finds a Key
    Where's Spot?                       Spot in the Garden
    Spot's Sweet Dreams              Spot goes to a Party
    Spot goes to School               Spot's Winter Sports
    Spot goes to the Circus          Spot goes to the Fair
    Spot Follows His Nose             Spot's Favourite Toy
    Spot goes Splash                   Spot's First Picnic
    Spot and the Windy Day          Spot goes to the Playground
    Spot goes on Holiday              Storytime With Spot

    Spot's Musical                      It's Fun to Learn...
    Adventures                          Spot Looks at Colours
    Spot's Show                          Spot Looks at Shapes
    Spot's Treehouse                    Spot Looks at Opposites
    Spot's Breakfast                     Spot's First Word Game
    Spot's Horse                          Spot's Alphabet
    Spot and his Grandpa              Spot's Busy Year
    Spot's Umbrella                      Spot Learns to Count
    Spot's Band                           Spot Tells the Time
    Spot's Bath
    Spot's Tent
    Spot Tidies Up
    Spot Helps Grandma
    Spot's School Trip
    Hide and Seek


     Spot on DVD

     There are lots of Spot DVDs available, and navigating
     through them to find specific material is - well - it's tricky.

     If you want a solid run of Spot goodness, from the Paul Nicholas
     days and onwards, you'd be best served by this:  

     UK DVD
Spot: The Complete Collection - Series 1-3
                Region 2 / Abbey Home Media / March 2011

     But if you'd prefer a taster, The Hound recommends this
     30th anniversary compilation:

     UK DVD
Spot's Bumper Collection
                Region 2 / Abbey Home Media / January 2010

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      The Adventures of Spot
     produced by King Rollo Films

      From the books by Eric Hill

     director:    Leo Nielsen
     producer:  Clive Juster
     music:       Duncan Lamont
     voices:      Paul Nicholas

     Voices on Spot's Magical Christmas:
     Paul Nicholas, Josie Lawrence, Calum Nielsen, Philip Pope,
     Steve Steen, Steve Frost.

     Voices on Spot's Musical Adventures:
     Jane Horrocks

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      On the web

      Fun With Spot

The official site, full of fun and games for the little 'uns. But it also
      has some handy creator info for us big kids...

      Abbey Home Media
      They distribute Spot's UK DVD releases...

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© Eric Hill / Salspot / King Rollo Films Ltd / F2011