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Toonhound presents...






British TV series

        SuperTed - no ordinary bear!

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SuperTed    (1982-1986)
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producers: Siriol Animation for S4C
   animation: cel animation
     episodes: 37 x 10mins
                       1 x 5mins


  "This is a story about an ordinary teddy bear. When he was made
     they found something wrong with him and threw him away, like a
     piece of rubbish, into an old dark store room. Then from outer space
     a spotty man brought him to life with his cosmic dust. He took him
     to a magic cloud where Mother Nature gave him special powers.
     That bear became... SuperTed!"


     With just one mutter of his Magic Word, Ordinary Ted could transform into
     SuperTed, a flying hero with jets in his boots and lots of super abilities
     and agility. Ted's best friend was Spottyman, a green-spotted yellow
     being who found the young furball and helped him acquire his special abilities.
     The duo set themselves up to protect the world from danger and evil.
     Ted and Spotty operated out of one of two locales. They were either in a
     treehouse somewhere deep in a woodland glade, or orbiting earth in a
     wheel-shaped space station. A video monitor would flicker into life, detecting
     trouble somewhere. This trouble usually came in the form of Texas Pete,
     a mustached Yankee villain who looked and acted like he'd just stepped
     out of vaudeville. Together with his cronies, bumbling Bulk and an animated
     skeletal being called Skeleton (of course) this trio would inevitably embark
     on some dastardly plan, or be the villains whose actions would have dramatic
     consequences elsewhere. Once they were detected, Ted would utter his ne'er
     heard Secret Magic Word and he and Spotty would spring into action....

        Texas Pete, Bulk and Skeleton    SuperTed's space station

     SuperTed was the first production to emerge from Cardiff-based Siriol Animation
     and the show was given a special timeslot on the first day of transmission
     by S4C Cymru Wales, the Welsh fourth channel. Siriol is Welsh for 'cheerful'
     and the company was set up by Mike Young and animator Dave Edwards,
     together with writer and producer Robin Lyons. Siriol made three seasons of
     this hugely-succesful show. Many of the adventures featured ecological themes
     - protecting endangered species and environments like the Blue Whale (see
     "SuperTed and the Whales"). A special additional film was made specifically
     for the Welsh Office. "Supersafe with SuperTed" instructed children on the "dos"
     and "don'ts" of road safety.

     Even today, SuperTed reeks of quality. The background layouts are superb,
     busy and detailed. Animation effects too, are splendidly realised and the
     components blend comfortably. It's very pleasing on the eye. It's no surprise
     the series was licensed by The Walt Disney Company for its new cable channel
     and for release in the States on Disney Home Video - a Disney first at the
     time. The show also acquired a 1987 BAFTA, another just reward.

     Successes like these naturally lead to even greater things and in 1989 thirteen
     all-new SuperTed half-hours were put into syndication in America. These were
     co-produced with animation powerhouse Hanna-Barbera using new voices and
     a new style, turning the super-cute bear from blighty into an all-american hero.
     The show was retitled "The Further Adventures of SuperTed" and it went on to top
     syndication lists over the Pond. Though the series lost its softly appeal, it
     was still immensely satisfying to see the Americans buying-in to a 'small' local
     production like this.

     20 years young now, SuperTed remains as popular as ever in America and Britain,
     in both of his forms. The original Siriol team have now split up, but all three of those
     founder names are still going strong in animation circles...

»  If you look closely in "Supersafe with SuperTed", when Ted, Spotty and
         Spotty's sister Blotch arrive on earth they actually land next to the old
         Cardiff Arms Park Stadium in Cardiff and proceed to cross the road in
         front of the Cardiff Crest Hotel. The stadium no longer exists, of course,
         having since made way for the Millenium Stadium, but at the time, it
         was Wales' national ground...

     » SuperTed's magic dust comes from Planet Spot. Ted and his Spotty
         drop by the planet in "SuperTed on Planet Spot"...

     » "Bulk's Story" tells how Bulk and Texas Pete first met up in gaol, and how
         they encountered Skeleton...

»  In "SuperTed and Mother Nature" Pete takes a return trip to the Magic
         Cloud, where Ted first received his magic powers...



     Many have sought the secret of SuperTed's "Secret Magic Word", with little
     success. That magical utterance is invariably lost beneath a raft of narration,
     noise or musical cacophony. Current debate suggests that it's all just a
     sly trick, because instead of some magical tongue-twisting combination
     or expression, all Ted actually says are those three precise words: "secret
     magic word". Clever, huh?



     1987 BAFTA - Best Animation


     In the news

     The Hound: August 2003
     SuperTed set to return once more...


     Super episodes

      SuperTed and the Incas Treasure               Bulk's Story
      SuperTed and the Pearlfishers                   SuperTed's Dream
      SuperTed and the Stolen Rocket                SuperTed in Spotty and the Indians 
      SuperTed and the Trainrobbers                  SuperTed Meets Father Christmas
      SuperTed and the Giant Kites                     SuperTed and Mother Nature
      SuperTed and the Elephants Graveyard       SuperTed and the Magic Word - Part I
      SuperTed and the Goldmine                       SuperTed and the Magic Word - Part II
      SuperTed at the Funfair                             SuperTed Kicks up the Dust
      SuperTed at Creepy Castle                        SuperTed and the Pothole Rescue
      SuperTed and the City of the Dead             SuperTed and the Whales
      SuperTed on Planet Spot                           SuperTed and Tex's Magic Spell 
      SuperTed and Nuts in Space                      SuperTed and the Gorilla
      SuperTed at the Toy Shop                         SuperTed and the Great Horrendo
      SuperTed Goes to Texas                           SuperTed and the Rattler
      SuperTed in Space - Part I                        SuperTed in China Town
      SuperTed in Space - Part II                       SuperTed Goes Round the Bend
      SuperTed in the Artic                                  
      SuperTed and the Crystal Ball                   + Supersafe with Superted      
      SuperTed and the Lumberjacks
      SuperTed and the Gun Smuggler 


     SuperTed on DVD

     UK DVD  

     Alas, this fab release is now rather rare:

     The Complete SuperTed Series 1-3
Region 2 / three discs / Abbey Home Media / June 2008

Alternatively, there are these separate releases for you to track down:

     SuperTed in the Arctic
Region 2 / 6 episodes / Abbey Home Media / June 2005

SuperTed Kicks up the Dust
     Region 2 / 6 episodes / Abbey Home Media / Feb 2005

Superted: Trouble in Space
     Region 2 / 3 episodes / Abbey Home Media / Oct 2003

SuperTed: The Original Adventures...
     Region 2 / 6 episodes / Abbey Home Media / Oct 2004

The Very Best of SuperTed
     Region 2 / 7 episodes / Abbey Home Media / Feb 2004


     made in Wales by Siriol Animation Ltd
     directed and designed by Dave Edwards
     written and produced by Robin Lyons

      exec producer:      
Mike Young
                 Chris Stuart, Mike Townend
      key animators:       
Les Orton, Chris Fenna,
                               Tony Guy, Chris Evans
Hugh Workman, Lloyd Sutton, Gary Hurst
Andrew Offler, Wayne Thomas
      Tom Bailey
Mike Wall, Ian Henderson
     voices:                 Derek Griffiths (SuperTed)
                                Jon Pertwee (Spotty)
                                Peter Hawkins (narrator)
                                Roy Kinnear (Bulk)
                                Melvyn Hayes (Skeleton)
                                Victor Spinetti (Texas Pete)


      On the web 

        A "super" official site takes you onboard Spotty's spaceship, from
        which you can zoom off on various games and adventures with the
        heroes and villains of the show - good fun, this one...

        Christin's SuperTed Site
        Christin's site is Norwegian, or something, so it could be saying almost
        anything about the show. But it does feature three very fine pages of pics,
        plus an additional characters page. There's also a page detailing SuperTed
        on video, and - oddly - it's in English. Particularly useful for image-hunting,
        this one....
        Minka's Bear Passion
        A sweet index page, with 2 pics and that theme WAV again. Part of Minka's
        Bear Passion - which sounds most intriguing.....

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