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  Whizzer & Chips characters and strips...

    Sweet Tooth
    Sweet Tooth
 Sweet Tooth liked sweets. So did Greedy Greg. Sweet Tooth
    always had a bag or bar stashed somewhere. Greedy Greg
    always wanted it. Thus a classic strip was born...

    This was a lively strip, with persistently fine art. Some of the
     contrivances seem a bit far-fetched, even when you were
     a kid - like Greedy Greg getting so bunged-up with chewy
     toffee and gum he can't chase our hero. But still, it was fun.

     Dentists must have loathed it, however, 'cos Sweet Tooth
     never got cavities, even in that giant front one. Having said
     that, you never saw the rest of his teeth. Maybe he didn't
     have any left...?

     Bully Bloggs, predecessor to...    ...Greedy Greg!

     Sweet Tooth started his Fleetway run in January 1973.
     Greedy Greg, meanwhile, wasn't actually there at the
     beginning. He was preceeded in the first few strips
     by Bully Bloggs. That's him above left. He was a rather
     one-dimensional thug, with none of Greg's snivelling

     Greg was created by long-term Tooth doodler, Trevor
     Metcalfe and he proved to be a winning addition. The strip
     continued in Whizzer & Chips each and every week for
     nigh-on 18 years, until the comic's demise...



  Sweet Tooth
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Whizzer & Chips
  6th January 1973

  Original artist:

  Trevor Metcalfe

  Other artists:

  Jim Crocker
  Vic Neill


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