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  Cor!! characters and strips...

   Tell-Tale Tess
    Tell-Tale Tess
 This little sneak used to tut and tell on anyone or thing she
    thought was wrong or incorrect. There was no hesitation with
    our Tess, oh no. Whoever or whatever she encountered she'd
    just wade in brazenly and point out the (presumed) error of
    their ways - whether she knew them or not.

    Incredibly, most people seemed very accomodating of the gal.
    I mean, they didn't really approve, but no one actually kicked
    her bossy behind in to the Back of Beyond, as you might
    have expected...

    The strip continually tiptoed along a fine line: If Tess
    appeared to be too interfering for her own good, she'd end
    up in hot water. If, on the other hand, she was correcting
    someone of dubious distinction her persistance would
    eventually be rewarded. Right or wrong, however, she
    was an absoloute in pain the behind!

    Tess entered the pages of Cor!! comic some time after
    May 1971. Her last appearance was in the issue dated
    22nd July 1972, after which she was dropped to make
    way for Zoo Sue and the merger with Shiver & Shake.
    Trivia Hounds may note, however, that our Tess put in a
    reprinted appearance a few yerars later in a number
    of the Frankie Stein Holiday Specials...



  Tell-Tale Tess
  Facts & Figures

  1st seen in:

  Cor!! circa 1971


  Cor!! comic
  22nd July 1972


  Frankie Stein
  Hol Special 1978,
  1979, 1980

  Original artist:

  Joe McCaffrey



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